Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Getting To Know You

Dear Friends...
For those of you that might not know, I am the moderator of the FiberArt Trading Cards Yahoo Group. This is a gathering of artists who share a love of trading cards, and a unique vision to make meaningful, creative, and of course fiber related art! Although we are using mostly fiber materials, our work may also incorporate the use of different mediums.. collage, assemblage, and mixed media.

Our first group exchange ended recently, and I wanted to take the opportunity to share some of the INCREDIBLE ART our artists created!

The theme for our first swap was "Getting to Know You". Participants were asked to make FiberArt Trading Cards that served as an introduction of themselves to this group. Their FATCs might be a self-portrait, a fact about the artist, a dream, goal, or maybe a characteristic they wanted to share.

Of course, it felt like Christmas at my home when these tiny masterpieces started arriving in my mailbox. I was simply BLOWN AWAY by the artistic talents of this group.

For several of us, including myself, it was the first time ever creating a Trading Card using mostly fiber. I studied the intricate details of each and every one of these FABULOUS FATCs. This swap was a leap into new territory for me, and a GREAT learning experience. I truly look forward to future exchanges!

(Participating Artists in the "Getting To Know You" Exchange: Tracie Lyn Huskamp, Dot Lewallen, Carina Karlsson, Kathy Read, Capril Bonner-Thomas, Mary Stanley, Janie Pinterits, Lori Seavey-Christian, Syd McCutcheon, Cathy Keith, Amy Dietz, Pam Beauchesne, and Gail Cowan)


Bernie Berlin said...

Beautiful ATC's!!!
I hope to be able to do some art soon..
Thanks for checking in and commenting on my blog..

Cari said...

I just got an email from Miss Foo telling us you were coming to play with us in Omaha, I'm so glad, I'll get to add some of your goodies to my collection! Can't wait to meet you, love your blog and you artistic talents!

Jill said...

I also just got Teresa's email welcoming you to the Bella Boutique! I am so anxious to meet all the artists and be inspired by all the talent!!! I am from Omaha, so if you need anything, just let me know! Anxious to meet you in November!