Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Faith and Renewed Hope

It has been a little over a month since our precious dashchund left our loving arms. My husband and I have both experienced great sorrow over her absence. And, these past few weeks have already felt like an eternity.

I recently ran across a poem while searching through some vintage books. The poetry was so beautiful that it simply took my breath away. My eyes immediately started welling up with tears. I knew after reading and re-reading this verse I had to incorporate it in a special remembrance work of art.

" It is faith that bridges the land of breath
To the realms of the souls departed,
That comforts the living in days of death,
And strengthens the heavy-hearted.
It is faith in his dream that keeps a man
Face front to the odds about him,
And he shall conquer who thinks he can.
In spite of the throngs who doubt him.

Each must stand in the court of life
And pass through the hours of trial;
He shall tested be by the rules of strife,
And tried for his self-denial.
Time shall bruise his soul with loss of friends,
And frighten him with disaster,
But he shall find when the anguish ends
That of all things faith is master.

So keep your faith in God above,
And faith in the righteous truth,
It shall bring you back to the absent love,
And the joys of a vanished youth.
You shall smile once more when your tears are dried,
Meet trouble and swiftly rout it,
For faith is the strength of the soul inside
And lost is the man without it."

Nothing could ever take
the place of our sweet Ally,
but we have been given a gift.
Darling little Annabel has come
into our lives very unexpectedly.
And once again, I find my
heart full of joy, and a
renewed feeling of hope.


Anonymous said...

You will appreciate and love Annabelle too! Lucky you to be able to share your love with her!

Post more pics!!!

Anonymous said...

awhhh such a touching poem. there's nothing harder than losing a beloved pet (or person). i'm glad you have little annabelle to share your love with. is that sweet little face her??

Mary lin said...

I love the poem and the way you incorporated it into the pic! Annabelle is way too cute!! Grandma can hardly wait to babysit!!!



Anonymous said...

Wonderful artwork and what a cutie Annabel is! She is lucky to be in such a loving home. :)

Shari Beaubien said...

Annabel is precious. And don't worry... Ally knows how much you loved her and love her still. Even now. Big hugs, Shari

liz elayne said...

this poem is so beautiful. thank you for sharing it here.

and annabelle is so adorable. our millie came into our lives, unexpectedly, shortly after we lost traveler. she has a lot more "personality" as they say, and needed a home right away (she had been abused)...it was as though traveler's gentle ways has prepared us for her. (though that doesn't mean i don't miss him every day even though it has almost been two years.)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I've fallen in love with Annabelle's eyes. She will make a great friend and comforter, and there is no comfort quite like the empathy of a loving dog.

Anonymous said...

My niece is so sweet. Can't wait to see her at Thanksgiving.

Stacie Rife said...

oh it is so so so hard! I know.. I feel your pain my friend!

tracy loves pink! said...

oh, God is so faithful. I'm so glad you've been blessed with a sweet baby to pour your love and attention on. oxox