Saturday, February 24, 2007

I called... and You came

It has been a rough and bumpy ride this week, full of the up and down moments of life. I often surprise myself when dealing with difficult situations. I am always determined to be brave. Then by carefully listening to my heart and trusting my instincts, I try to decide on the best path to choose.

During these times, I am most fortunate to have so many people around me who race to my rescue. They give freely their wonderful love, support, thoughtful advise, and encouragement. So, THANK YOU dear friends... for listening and offering your truly kind and uplifting words.


Willow Brook Home said...

You are truely a wonderful friend. I am so very lucky to not only have you as a friend but also a sister. You are always bursting at the seams with love, kindness and wisdom. Everyone deserves to have and friend and sister like you.

TFNF Brett

Sue said...

Sounds like we're on the same ride lately-a bumpy one! You're so quick to give of yourself, that it's no surprise that others would lend you a hand. You're a good friend, and deserve the best-here's to hoping that you always get just that-the best of everything!

Lori S-C said...

Don't know exactly what is going on, but the brave spirit should carry you through your crisises. One step at a time-hang in there.

Evoke-Designs by Lorraine said...

Whatever is going on in your life, I hope it brings about that you so desire. Sometimes life throws us curves which are not always in our plans, but in the plans of one much greater...I hope you are doing well...Wish I were going to Arfest so I could see some of you folks again!!

jenny holiday said...

Hello my dear! I was just thinking about you..had to pop in!

Hoping all is well,
and that you are busy creating magical works of art!

This piece is just so so fabulous!! I am such a sucker for old photos of houses..and ohhh to be paired with these trims ..and this lil birdie..PERFECT!!

xoxo Jenny

cari said...

I hope your days are better this week, if not, be patient and things will work themselves out.

I am completely in love with your art lately, so beautiful! Thanks for shairing with us, even when you are blue you continue to inspire those of us who love you.

annie said...

mmmmmm....that's a hug!

Jill said...

My dear....know that the bumpy road will end and soon you will have smooth sailing. Hang in there. Love ya!

Maija said...

I am so sorry you are sad. I'm afraid I have been intimate with sadness. You are so kind and compasionate to others and you have so many people who love you!