Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sharing More Artfest Stories

A photograph of the Seattle skyline I took from the back of the Washington State Ferry as we sailed away from the city toward the Olympic Peninsula.

It was somewhat difficult to see the buildings admist the gray sky. I am thrilled that my new camera seemed to capture the scene so beautifully. This was the only day that it rained while we were visiting. It even hailed for a few brief moments that same afternoon as we drove up Interstate 5 toward the city center. Every year somehow, the weather always seems to magically cooperate during ArtFest. The rest of the days spent in Port Townsend were still cloudy, but at least there was no downpour.

The Seattle landscape is so dramatically different than Kansas. I am always awestruck by the snowcapped majestic mountains surrounding the area, rising up in the distance like the walls of a mighty fortress.

And the Puget Sound... this quiet misty gray blue beauty sustaining a whole different world within its waters. Being near the sea is so calming and tranquil for me, I spend many moments back home on the plains of the Midwest pining away, sifting, and sorting through captured images within my memory wondering when I will return to this paradise.

I LOVE this picture of my beautiful mother-in-law, Marylin! She has the sweetest smile and such an infectious laugh. She is sitting in the driver's seat of our rented SUV, waiting for the ferry to unload.

Marylin celebrated her 60th birthday on our trip. We had QUITE a little party to commemorate her milestone. We treated her and ourselves to the most scrumptious birthday dinner at a quaint restaurant on Bainbridge Island called Cafe Nola. The atmosphere was delightful, and the food was mouthwatering. The waiter brought out a 7 layer... NO JOKE... MEGA mountain piece of chocolate cake with the MOST interesting birthday candle on top.

We laughed until our sides hurt and reminisced about the day. There was a real air of excitment among us as we talked about the upcoming moments we would spend at Fort Worden.

This is the front and back of my 2007 ArtFest 6x6 Li Lama Journal. I did not have a chance to share it with you before I left on my adventure. Unfortunately, I am still in the midst of trying to finish some of the inside. Normally, I have loads of little izone pictures and artwork filling the pages which causes my journal to be overflowing and very hard to close. Since this year was quite a marvelous nonstop blur with very few moments to even catch my breath, I am playing catch-up in my little book.

The outside is decorated with snippets and bits using the fiber fusion technique Marylin and I taught for the Fused Fragments Extended Journal (a class we will be teaching again in Portland at Art and Soul). I also added some letter tiles and vintage papers to embellish the design. The extra baubbles and bits hanging off the journal are trades that were so generously given to me. I did not make trades this year because I had decided I would participate in not just one fatbook, but three fatbook projects.

However, just because I did not have trades did not keep friends old and new from sharing their beautiful little pieces of art.

JUST LOOK at some of the goodies I brought home. I LOVE to stash these treasures in my journal as unique mementos from the trip.

I was also most fortunate to receive several gifts that were so heartfelt, sentimental, and truly inspiring, they brought tears to my eyes.

The first was a most delicate and dantity prayer banner from my dear friend, Liz Elayne. Liz and I made an immediate connection last year when she visited my vendor table. She is the most eloquent writer/poet I know, and I am so proud to say that our meeting has evolved into a beautiful friendship. Liz has an uncanny way of capturing feelings, thoughts, emotions, joys, fears... everything! The gentle words scribed on pieces of paper and carefully sewn to this banner gave me strength and encouragement when I felt nervous or doubtful.

This second heartfelt treasure is from Dawn Shepherd. She is the owner of Mother Rubber Stamps. I had the enormous pleasure of sitting next to her in class at ArtFiberFest last year. Dawn is a very vibrant, giving, fun loving person, and such a caring individual. I was simply thrilled to find out Dawn was participating in our class. Her work is wonderful.

Dawn crafted the beautiful fiber square shown below. It had the most thoughtful verse about trusting and believing in yourself. HOW can you not help but not be inspired by these words, and her lovely presentation!

I have a very special post I plan to make in the near future to share with all of you the breathtaking work of my dearest friend, Julie Madsen. Her art is from our recently completed collaborative journal project.

And.... since, I am a newcomer to Poetry Thursday, I hope to share a few verses of poetry from my lovely day with Susan Wooldridge.

But alas... once again... I must save my prose for another day...

I wish everyone a most Joyous Easter!


Dawn said...

Happy Easter to you too! I love seeing your Artfest photos...maybe if we talk about it on our blogs for a while, it will continue that feeling for the next few months?! :) I'm for that idea!!!

Shari Beaubien said...

I've loved reading your stories and seeing your photos about AF, Tracie! That prayer banner from Liz is so special. It did go by in a blur, did it not? Hugs, Shari

Maija said...

Wasn't ArtFest grand? I only wish I had more time with you. I see my darling mom in the bottom right of your goodie photo!

Alma Stoller said...

I love the photos from Art Fest. Sounds like soooo much fun.
Good to have you back.


Dawn E. Shepherd said...

Tracie Lyn!!
You are so cannot help become a better person for knowing you-you bring out these wonderful traits that you see in me :)
I loved your class and cannot wait to see you again at ArtFiberFest (or Art & Soul perhaps...)
You are awesome my dear!
I love you!!
Dawn E. Shepherd
Mother Rubber Art Stamps