Tuesday, May 01, 2007

a little of This & That

Happy May Day Everyone!

I thought I might share some fun and fabulous surprises I received in the mail yesterday.
This very whimsical card and oh so... adorable fabric bracelet is from the VERY TALENTED Mz. Syd McCutcheon. She wanted to help me celebrate my birthday IN STYLE. Not only is this fun to wear, but it is SUPER soft around my wrist. I LOVE the colors and the flower is just TOO CUTE!

I also had the SWEETEST postcard from my friend, Maija Lepore. It had one of Pam Garrison's lovely illustrated photos on the front with the NICEST note on the back from Maija .

Now HOW could my day get ANY BETTER with these treasures in my mailbox just waiting to be discovered!!!

BUT... the cherry on top was the May/June issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors tucked under all of this.

Here, on page 62, are the BEAUTIFUL quilt wall hangings from the 2006 ArtFiberFest Quilt Swap. Our hostess was the FABULOUS, Shari Beaubien. She did an INCREDIBLE job of coordinating the participants, and working with the magazine to get our pieces published.

Be Sure to pick up your copy of the magazine and check them out!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the card!! It looks just like you!!

Sweet Petunia said...

Hi Tracie! Love your blog...I am hoping...yes hoping that one day soon I will see a "Studio" Banner in your Etsy store. My Friend Edina purchased one at ArtFest, and I oh so want to get one too. Cleaning up my studio and I have just the spot for it. Do let me know if you plan on making anymore? Thanks!

Diane Duda said...

I love the little card, too! Now you know that you'll still be cute even if your arms and legs turn black and get really, really skinny. ;)

Susan said...

Congratulations on the publishing. How exciting to see it all in print and slick pictures!