Sunday, June 17, 2007

This Day

A very dear friend recently sent me a beautiful piece of poetry, knowing I would appreciate the author’s elegant prose.

I was so touched by the words, and immediate felt as if this poet was describing a bright light that comes from within. I was completely amazed by the fact that this person, whom I do not know and will never meet, could articulate feelings I had about the essence of life.

Inspired once again by both nature and poetry, I had to share the verse along with another little blue jay fiber journal artwork.

Swifts turn in the heights of the air;
higher still turn the invisible stars.
When day withdraws to the ends of the earth
their fires shine on a dark expanse of sand.

We live in a world of motion and distance.
The heart flies from tree to bird,
from bird to distant star,
from star to love; and love grows
in the quiet house, turning and working,
servant of thought, a lamp held in one hand.

~ Philippe Jaccottet ~

(Selected Poems, translated by Derek Mahon)


Maija said...

Beautiful poem, and I am so digging your birds!

allison strine said...

OOh... am I glad to have found your work! I linked here from Teesha's blog...your art is inspiring!

Alma Stoller said...

Tracie, this is a beautiful poem....but your birds are amazing.
Congrats on your Somerset Article...can't wait to see it.

Jill said...

Oh Tracie! This is so beautiful! I love your birds...just LOVE them!

Mary lin said...


Touched by heart! This little Blue Jay so reflects the essence of the poem!