Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Incredible Happenings Continued!

Once again, I am so very honored to have the opportunity to share an article, web interview, with the readers of Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine.

A VERY special thanks goes to Patricia Bolton for the incredible job she did capturing the essence of that special bond, I have with my mother-in-law, Marylin.

Not only is Marylin one of my best friends, but I have the added pleasure of teaching art workshops around the country with such a talented fiber artist.

This web article is like the "icing on top", and to be included in a publication with some of the best artists we know humbles both of us.

So, thank you, Pokey, and thanks to all our wonderful family and friends who are supporting us spiritually and emotionally on this - the experience of a lifetime!



dogfaeriex5 said...

how awesome for you and earl's mom, i cannot wait to meet her!!
and miss you!
where are we meeting for dinner??

Lori S-C said...

yes you are blessed! And you're touching a lot of people along the way!

liz elayne said...

such a great article! and i love these pictures of you two! fantastic fun.

Runner Gurl said...

Love the pics, Tracie. SO sweet.
Congrats on ALL the lovely happenings!
: )

deb said...

Congratulations! What a great article!!

I just got my Sommerset Studio and can't wait to read your article. Your cover piece is FABIO!!


Lara Berch said...

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Thank you very much for your time.

stacie said...

it is just so cool.. how close the 2 of you are... :)))
Very rare.. and very special!