Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Late Summer

As the days begin to grow shorter, it is the time of the year when the locusts perform their rhythmic serenade every night at dust. The sunsets are warm and glowing with hues of deep yellow and fiery orange, and the lightning bugs entertain us with a slow minutia around the flower borders of the garden.

A new season is right around the corner. You can sense it presences drawing nearer as the leaves on the trees, once bright green and new, are giving way to deeper tones of olive with hints of golden highlights.

Fall is my favorite time of year with cool breezes, a slight chill to the mornings, the harvesting of crops, rich colors, and beautiful autumn skies.

And in these last days of summer, I am left with feelings of longing from my quiet moments of thoughtful reflection.

Of course these are valuable minutes which are stolen from the time when I should be tending to a nagging list of to-do's. But I can not help... but to slowly sink into my favorite chair in the living room during the twilight of the day and watch the sunset dance across the floor.

2007 has been an incredible year, with so many wonderful memories and more to come. The people I have met, the friendships made... renewed, the experience and opportunities I've had, the remembering of smiles, laughter, and words... oh....yes..the meaningful, sincere, heartfelt words exchanged,......all of this has been unbelievable!

Such priceless gems that I am so utterly grateful for and humbled by. To each of these precious pearls of love and friendship and connection, I hold tight... carrying every one so close to my heart that I think it might burst.

But I would be remise if I did not admit that there is so much more I want to share and do.

I am excited by the possibilities of new workshops to offer for the coming year, the completing of 52 weeks of fiber journaling artwork, and the overflowing creative ideas for more art and poetry, maybe even a few other surprises.... just maybe.

I continue to dream and hope that all of this is making a difference,... is helping me find the path that I should travel.

I, too, like the last days of summer... feel the presence of a new season for my life, enveloping me, taking hold, beckoning to me to have faith and believe, asking me to throw my arms wide open and embrace these changes,...

reminding me that these past weeks and months were only a beginning....


Lana said...

Your writing is beautiful ~ as well as your artwork! Are these birds on your posts for sale anywhere.... originals... or prints? I love them!


Diane Duda said...

You deserve all the best in every season. Hope your path is full of bright rays of sunshine and that you are showered with happiness and success!
Okay, I don't have quite the "way with words" you do. But you know what I mean.

And, I swear, it was just early summer, wasn't it?

Lee W. said...

Delightfully said. I love the change of seasons. I feel that I am doing the same- turning 40 this year, moving in a creative direction that I have never given in to before, finding wisdom in everyday things, and learning to love myself just as I am. Seeing your work in Somerset Studio has opened new doors for me- thank you!

red tin heart said...

The way you wrote this I could see it all in my mind. Very beautiful. Nita

Leslie said...

Always a pleasure. Thanks.

Mary lin said...

The best is yet to come!!! Doors are opening wide - Walk through them with dreams in your heart and reach for the next star!


Jill said...

You blow me away... as usual. Loved reading about your blog in the Artful Blogger book. So deserving!!!!
You are my "Rockin' Blogger" girl!
Thanks for all your support and kind words!
Come see!

liz elayne said...

your words speak to me deeply this evening.
so much goodness this year! but so good to always be open to what is to come...

(i cannot wait to see you in october!!!)

janie said...

lovely post and beautiful coal tit.
Your blog is very inspiring and relaxing at the same time.

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Lovely, reflective piece and a delight to read. I sure hope to meet you at AU.
Best ~ Rella

Maija said...

You are so loved, Tracie!

dogfaeriex5 said...

i am so thankful that we were in nina's class together, i treasure you and earls friendship and adore both of you even though earl has yet to get me starbucks coffee...hehehe