Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sixteen Years

On August 10th, my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. Although we were unable to be together on our special day, it did not keep us from spending time reminiscing about the past and dreaming about our future with one another.

This man with his infectious smile, gentle laugh, quiet demeanor, baby blue eyes, and blonde locks that curl when his hair starts becoming a little too long...... is truly my prince charming, my soul mate, my best friend.

We have experienced many struggles and many moments of sheer bliss. Neither of us could ever imagine one day, one minute, or even one second without the other.

Sixteen years has passed in the blink of an eye and even though my feelings for him have changed from that of a silly college student with a crush to much deeper, endearing, intimate affections...I will forever and always love him with all my heart.

This poem below is one of my favorites.

It, so eloquently, seems to capture the essence of this life we share as husband and wife.

she had looked for his coming as warriors come,
with the clash of arms and the bugle's call;
but he came instead with a stealthy tread,
which she did not hear at all.

she had thought how his armor would blaze in the sun,
as he rode like a prince to claim his bride:
in the sweet dim light of the falling night
she found him at her side.

she had dreamed how the gaze of his strange, bold eye
would wake her heart to a sudden glow:
she found in his face the familiar grace
of a friend she used to know.

she had dreamed how his coming would stir her soul,
as the ocean is stirred by the wild storm's strife:
he brought her the balm of a heavenly calm,
and a peace which crowned her life.

- ella wheeler wilcox


Brian said...

Congrats on sixteen years of marriage. Of hard work and tears and laughter and untold moments of pure bliss.

Maija said...

Tracie....the poem is beautiful, and it captures the anticipation of love!
Happy anniversary!

Regina Clare Jane said...

Well, congratulations on your anniversary- and many more! This is a perfect poem for all of us who thought we might find our knight in shining armour and in fact, got something so much better!
Simply perfect!

dogfaeriex5 said...

"and a peace that crowned her life"..oh tracie this is a beautiful poem, i am teary-eyed and i love you both so about a love story, you and earl are the real thing...

gautami tripathy said...

Congratulations from me too. May you have many many more.

You posted a great poem.

Tammy said...

Happy Anniversary! I so related to expecting real love to be like romance novels. Real love puts them to shame. :)

etain_lavena said...

Congratulations with your anniversary, so awesome....really beautiful poem:)

Shari Beaubien said...

I'm welling up reading that beautiful poem, Tracie. Truly. And I feel so blessed to now know BOTH of you! Any outsider can see how completely you've captured one another's hearts. My happiest anniversary wishes to you both.
xoxo, Shari

MezzoKat said...

What a lovely comment on your husband and your marriage! May you love even more deeply sixteen years from now.
Congratulaions on having your blog published in the first Issue of "Artful Blogging"

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

I read your favorite poem aloud, and barely made it to the end. Stunning.
Happy Anniversary.
xo Rella

sue said...

Happy Anniversary! You made a beautiful tribute to your marriage. Our 29th was on Aug.5, but we seem to have lost of the bliss that you 2 obviously still have-now we're just a couple of old farts:)

deb said...

Beautiful poem. Congrats on your 16th!


kimberlykwan said...

you are so blessed!
congrats to have found and hooked such a great man...altho i bet he'll agree he got pretty lucky too!

beautiful poem...beautiful couple!

Fledgling Poet said...

What a loving tribute to the man you sound like two very lucky people to have eachother! Your blog is so beautiful -- I'm very grateful I found it through Poetry Thursday. :~)

Mary lin said...

Bless you both! Having you in the family for these many years is a blessing for all of us. As a mother I am so happy the two of you found one another. The love you both have for each other is apparent in all that you do.

Love you both very much!!!!!