Thursday, September 06, 2007

An Ode to the Changing Seasons

It is raining here today. A welcomed relief from the hot summer days that have been bearing down hard upon the plains.

Fall is here. You can smell it in the air, and see its presence in the smallest ways.

A friend and I were conversing just recently about the difference between summer and fall. I was quite captivated by her description..."Though I love both seasons, fall feels busy to me in such a different way than summer. Fall is all about schedules and planning and sit down dinners.

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for the happy-chaos and spur-of-the-moment activities that seem to define summer days to be over with for a while. I'm ready for a bit of orderliness and structure. "

Her words inspired me...

summer waits upon on my stoop,
lingering to say a last goodbye

fall is ready to tidy up this mess
from these precious days gone by

wind, rain, and storm clouds too,
singing such a sad, melancholy tune

as I sit silently watching them work
cleaning up the summertime room.


gautami tripathy said...

I love odes. I too wrote one but on an entirely different topic!!

"wind, rain, and storm clouds too,
singing such a sad, melancholy tune"

Beautiful words...

GreenishLady said...

That's very in-tune with my thinking about my needs now that September is here. Order, structure. (I posted about that yesterday). I like the way that "fall is ready to tidy up this mess". The personalities of the seasons are so clearly portrayed.

Tammy said...

I loved the image of those first few lines. Enjoyed your inspired Ode.

Holly Stinnett said...

I'm glad it's cooling down for you. I wish it would rain here.. that would be such a lovely thing. Enjoy the new weather change!

Jill said...

Finally... we are cooling down... hopefully no more 90's. I LOVE fall.... the fresh air... the nippy chills at night.... good smells.... football...
Love it!

Maija said...

Beautiful watercolor and lovely poem. I long for fall weather....I miss it so much since I live in sunshine year round!

tumblewords said...

Ah. I'm a summer person. Maybe if I read your lovely poem often enough, I can turn myself around!

Runner Gurl said... joy...
You fill me with joy!

AnnieElf said...

I'm a fall person. I happily wave good-bye to summer. Now if only my school break was in the Fall.