Monday, November 05, 2007


UNBELIEVABLE!, MIND-BOGGLING!!, OUTSTANDING!!!... Are only a few adjectives to describe this experience.

60,000 attendees, a convention center that is AS BIG AS! 5 football fields, a vendor show with OVER! 1000 booths, a quilt exhibit WORTH! millions and MILLIONS of dollars, a who's who of the sewing/fiber world EVERYWHERE! you turn.

Marylin and I were completely SPEECHLESS when we arrived at the Festival.

This event is run like a well oiled machine with a HIGHLY organized staff coordinating all efforts. Judy Murrah, Kim DeCosta, and their team are at the helm, keeping this ship afloat, and steering it in the right direction 24/7.

We were so lucky to have 3 classes filled to the brim with INCREDIBLE students. There was lots of laughter and merriment had by all.

Wednesday was our first day teaching. Our class made some COOL Extended Fusion Journals. Marylin and I got such a kick out of all the students hovering around the BIG piles of snippets, bits, and remnants... Or what we affectionately called "The Trash Bag"
Thursday was filled with both teaching and demonstrating in the Mixed Media Round Robin. Here is a picture of one of the dear sweet ladies in our morning class. Her name is Stella. She is in her 80's and this was her 27th year at Quilt... INCREDIBLE!!! Stella shared with me how excited she was to take our class. She wanted to learn how to create Fused Papers with beautiful butterflies for her daughter to give away in her work with Hospice.

How can you not be deeply touched by this story? It brought tears to my eyes, and I had to compose myself from breaking down into a messy heap of tears.

All day Friday, Marylin and I had the great honor of demonstrating in the Open Studios of Quilting Art and Cloth,Paper,Scissor. We had such an enjoyable time, and were overwhelmed with the extremely positive response we had to both of our demonstrations. It was GREAT FUN meeting people and talking about our passion for fibers and art.
This is a SLOW moment during one of Marylin's demonstrations. LOOK AT ALL THE PEOPLE gathered around.

A HUGE hovering crowd around every table was the way it was for all the artist's strutting their stuff!

Here is a picture of Christine Adams and myself. Christine is a VERY talented quilt and mixed media artist. I had the enormous pleasure of being introduced to her by none other than the FABULOUS Lesley Riley.
Christine's beautiful soul and charming personality made our time together so special. I miss her... already!

Our Friday night class started out with students feeling very tired after a full day of classes, shopping, and visiting the fanastic quilt exhibits. BUT by the end of our time together, the whole group was feeling REALLY ENERGIZED by the wall of inspiration created from all the artworks hanging up at the front of the class room.There were SO MANY memorable moments throughout my visit. It was OUT OF THIS WORLD surreal meeting Jane Dunnewold, face to face. She is a fiber artist I have admired forever!!!!!

I was also able to meet so many other talented individuals like Sue Bleiweiss(whom I missed having a picture snapped with the two of us), Terri Stegmiller, Judy Coates-Perez,, Clarie Benn, Beryl Taylor, and Jane Davila.

The days flew by in an instant, like they always do, when I am in the moment... and living this dream of an artistic life.


j.dávila said...

Thanks, Tracie! It was fun meeting you and getting a chance to see you work in the Open Studios.

dogfaeriex5 said...

you guys rock, how could anyone not have a great time when you two are around..

liz elayne said...

wow, wow, WOW! my friend...this just seems incredible! i want to hear more details about it soon!

Sherry said...

That sounded like heaven!

Shari Beaubien said...

Your post just buzzes with excitement, Tracie Lyn! I can feel it and I'm so thrilled that you and Marylin had such an out-of-this-world experience. How could you not, judging from those photos? Congrats on the Quilting Arts publication, too! Hugs, Shari

art spirit said...

Ooh, you girls...what a great experience! Love all the photos and congrats of the Quilting Arts Gift issue! What fun you are having!