Sunday, January 27, 2008

Come With Me!

Traveling abroad and experiencing art and life from an entirely different country is something that I have longed to do for many years.

I remember sitting in the dark lecture hall of Art History class watching slide after slide of famous works, as my professor talked about the great artists that shaped the Renaissance era. All the while, I was daydreaming, between the few seconds until the next image appeared on the giant overhead, about traveling to these lands.

I wondered what it would be like to experience their culture, and view the same landscapes that they lived among, daily.

Would I be as inspired by my journey as the Renaissance artist was?

Thoughts of such a trip seemed like a fairy tale.... and now, I find myself having the chance to make these daydreams a reality. And one of the best parts of taking such an inspired journey is the opportunity to share my adventures with a whole group of like minds and hearts... other fellow artists.

I am SO EXCITED To Invite You, Dear Friends... to come...
Come with me on an AMAZING Sojourn of Italy!!!!

Fabulous artist, Kristin Steiner, and her husband, Bill, and their company, Adventures in Italy, have organized an INCREDIBLE Trip to Orvieto. A town situated in the heart of the Italian countryside just outside Rome.

Marylin and I are so very honored to be asked by Adventures in Italy to conduct a week long artist workshop in this breath-taking location.

Not only will we be immersing ourselves in all things artistic, we will also revel in the WONDROUS Italian culture and all its traditions, by exploring Orvieto through a walking tour, seeing famous Etruscan Caves, visiting their market day and many local shops, as well as sampling the foods, shopping for lunches in the open market, wine tasting from a local vineyard, preparing our own meal during a real Italian cooking class, and, of course, spending ample time relaxing, enjoying the slow pace like the natives, plus soaking up the general splendor.

Orvieto sits upon a plateau, which offers PERFECT vista views of lush landscapes. We will be capturing some of our fabled days by creating cherished mementos to help keep Italy in our heart, long after we return. Constructing pages in an accordion journal, and learning invaluable techniques for painting and distressing fabrics with the colors of this land that envelopes our senses.

We will also be collecting bits of flora and fauna along the paths we travel and incorporate these natural elements in our beautiful pages. Our journals will be priceless souvenirs from exquisite moments, and the nice thing is that with this particular binding technique you will be able to add even more memories to your book after you have returned home.

Kristin and Bill have been traveling to Italy now for over five years on a regular basis, and have coordinated a truly sublime trip with BEAUTIFUL accommodations, and IDEAL locations for our group to visit.

They even encourage perspective attendees to bring a spouse or friend along, no need to leave that special someone at home. There will be plenty of activities to do for those members of the group that may not be participating in the art workshop portion of this adventure.

Our journey is scheduled for mid May of 2009, which gives a whole year to plan and dream with us about this FABULOUS trip. You can find out all the details by following the link, here.

Marylin and I have even started a Yahoo Group for the trip. Once participants register, we encourage them to join this Yahoo Group, Inspired Sojourn to Italy, so that we can all get to know one another, discuss details about travel, and all the FUN we are going to have!

And if you have any questions, Bill, Kristin, Marylin, or myself are always available to answer them.
Join Us, Won't You...


liz elayne said...

oh my goodness. this is simply fantastic! what a delightful experience this will i would love to go...

Betsey said... dream trip is Italy and I can't think of better people to go with. I'm definately going to dream about this one and possibly try to make it a reality!

annie said... wonderful! what a dream come true! you know i'd love to go...i'll keep visualizing the dream! italy has always been my once in a lifetime dream destination. to teach would be the cherry on the top! i am so excited for you and marilyn! xoxo

Diane Duda said...

Oh, I wish! Sounds like a dream come true.
One of my boys just asked me the other day where I would most like to go and Italy was my answer.

I'll look forward to lots of pictures and your beautiful words to go along with them.


lila said...

Oh what a lovely dream of warm sunny days, in this the drabber side of the year! (not to mention that the food will be fabulous!)

Leslie said...

I have been to Italy, but boy, would I love to go back, especially like this!

carolyn peeler said...

Oh my gosh, this looks like a dream come true indeed! What a fabulous opportunity. May it be everything you hoped for and more!

judy coates perez said...

How cool! you are going to have so much fun.

Lee W. said...

that sounds so FUN! I spent a month in Italy a hundred years ago... I've even been to Orvieto!

katie said...

how exciting for both you and marilyn, whoooohooooo!!!!!! i'm so happy for you both, what an amazing adventure i'm sure it will be.
xox katie