Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Creative Sparks and Making Art!

With January quickly coming to a close, there are a few exciting events that are on the horizon. Marylin and I have begun collecting, and organizing all the goodies we have for each and every one of our students at Art and Soul, Virginia.

We are both SO EXCITED to share these workshops, and doubly excited to be in Virginia for the first time.

These two classes have some SUPER techniques that HONESTLY, will spark TONS! of ideas for creating art.

The first class is making its debut!!!

Students will be constructing a BEAUTIFUL journal to preserve treasures found in nature. Check out all the details, here and take a peek below at this unique working piece of art.

Not only will we be constructing this INCREDIBLE book, but we will also explore techniques to transform live botanicals into cherished keepsakes, traditional methods for pressing flowers and plants, along with discussing ways to use natural elements in other mixed media artworks.

Our second offering is a workshop that is SO MUCH FUN!

Students will be building an ADORABLE 3-dimensional fiber abode with pages tucked inside to display cherished photos. Check out all the details, here.
We will be showing participants this FABULOUS technique for using up all those little pieces of fabric, ribbon, paper, metal, misc ephemera... whatever, to transform a plain piece of muslin into a work of art. This is DEFINITELY a technique that can be used in so many different ways. Just take a peek, here, at only some of the TERRIFIC work created by past participants. We hope you will join us for class on Sunday, May 4th and Monday, May 5. We would LOVE to spend the day with you!


Lisa West said...

Wonderful book. I love pressed flowers and leaves and always trying to find ways to work with nature's art. I will use the link here to learn how to make this. Thanks. Lisa

Leslie said...

I am so excited about the journal class! Oh boy, that looks beautiful!