Friday, February 15, 2008

Signups BEGIN!

Even if Valentine's Day has come and gone, the excitment continues as signups for Art Unraveled begin TODAY!

Marylin and I are thrilled to be attending this INCREDIBLE retreat for a second year. We will be hosting two classes to inspire the inner artist.

The first workshop is Painted Nature Portraits. As you might have guessed, I am QUITE enamored with nature, and can't wait to share my techniques for capturing delicate songbirds on fabric. And NEVER FEAR, no previous drawing experience is required to create a beautiful cherished portrait.

Our second workshop, Miscellany of Vintage Fiber Journal, will be a carefree day filled with nothing but fun, Fun, FUN! Like kids in a candy store, participants will be raiding our personal stash of vintage fabrics, and learning a fabulous bookbinding technique that will allow you to add an endless number of pages to your journal as often as you like and whenever you want.

We hope you will join us on Friday, August 8th and Sunday, August 10th. We would LOVE to spend the day with you!

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Shari Beaubien said...

I have to tell you what a rush of secret joy I felt when I saw the announcement of your new AU class and saw the very piece I own! I cherish it, Tracie! Hugs, Shari