Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Go.. and Live in the Moment

As I eluded to in previous posts, I spent this last weekend on the West Coast, more specifically Portland, Oregon.

Marylin and I were invited to give a private class to a group of ladies, most of whom, we met last year at Art and Soul.

The experience nourished and renewed me both body and soul. I was talking to Marylin the night before we left and was telling her that when I travel, anywhere, whether to teach or on vacation, those are the few moments that I manage to actually LIVE IN THE MOMENT.

I am such a planner, by nature, so it is very difficult for me to stop charging forward... forward... forward, and fretting about tomorow. When I LIVE IN THE MOMENT, I relax and stop worrying about all things, both big and small, for a brief period.

Although I enjoy taking vacations, I feel a different type of enjoyment when spending time with other artists. This particular group of women are extremely talented with a laundry list of credentials, so not only were they participating in our class to learn, but it was also an opportunity for all of us to exchange ideas... to learn from one another, and learn I did.

It was incredible to see their Painted Fabric artworks come to life. Their love of nature was inspiring to me. As always, I wish I had snapped a few more pictures of their beautiful work.

However, I did manage to capture this shot of little Peeka. She kept us in stitches throughout the day with her playful curiosity.

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