Friday, August 15, 2008

A Gift

How can the sheer force of the internet not amaze a person? I am so incredibly lucky to have met the most charming individuals and endearing souls through a piece of equipment made from steel, nuts, bolts, and semi-conductors. Incredible how an inanimate object that has no thoughts or feelings can carry heartfelt words almost instantaneously to another perhaps living nearby or halfway across the world.

Such was the beginning of my friendship with Susanna Gordon. After admiring her pages in Somerset Studio's Artful Blogging Premier Issue, I immediately hopped onto the computer and visited her site. From those first moments, I have been enchanted.

I am a horrible about lurking on blogs, but finally I built up the courage to leave a comment one day. Since then, Susanna and I have shared many conversations via email, enjoying each others company, talking about our daily lives, and our art.

I have admired Susanna's winged messengers for quite sometime. At one point I wrote her to say so, and she kindly offered to send me one, so that I might photograph a few of my own moments with her treasure here amidst the plains of the Midwest.

My winged messenger arrived in the post along with some other wonderful goodies, right before I left on my trip. I wanted to wait and offer her a proper thank you for such wonders. I look forward to reveling in this gift of friendship and sharing many more pictures of my messenger among the landscapes of Kansas in the future.


Holly Loves Art said...

Hello Tracie!

What a lovely post. Susanna is amazing, isn't she? I am fortunate enough to be participating in a year-long doll project with her and many other talented artists. We are having so much fun.

I love her artwork and she has an incredible mind. It's so kind of you to dedicate a post to her.

I really enjoyed seeing all the photos of the proud artists below! I'm glad it was such a success. Thank for sharing.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

All the best,

susanna said...

Thank YOOOOUUUU! Wow - I'm totally blushing here at the computer! I am certainly glad that we met through the blogosphere and now through writing letters.

I also love that you made the wings your very own. It makes me happy thinking that they are out there in Kansas, somewhere I have never been to before. Maybe one day?

Thank you. (still blushing and smiling!)