Saturday, September 13, 2008

And the Rains Came Down!

What a Day, What a Night... It started late Thursday afternoon with a steady downpour that lasted through the evening, and all day on Friday. Flash flooding covered many of the city streets with 2 to 3 ft. of water.

Sounds like hurricane remnants right here in Kansas, but not true, just a very persistent, slow moving band of tropical moisture, according to the weatherman.

I started worrying around midday, if my Artist Reception was going to happen, but with a bit of luck, the rain subsided toward evening. My very sweet husband actually chauffeured me over to the event, due to the fact that I have a small car that sits rather low to the ground, and there was only one route that was open, by a narrow margin, to get from our home to a major highway for the trip across the city.

Once I arrived all my worries melted away when I saw my pieces hanging amidst the backdrop of soft evening light. What a tremendous since of pride and honor I felt looking at the art as a completed body of work. I hope Mother Nature feels I did her justice.
Despite the harrowing events of the day, the evening turned out to be a SUCCESS!

Many Thanks to all those wonderful individuals that braved the weather to participate in this celebration.

And for those that were unable to make it, the show is up through November 1st, so I hope you will stop by to see my treasured Odes to Nature.


Shari said...

WOW, Tracie!! These look exquisite all hung together. Simply stunning. You should be proud. Where do you get your frames, by the way? Hugs, Shari

Heather said...

I am glad you made it and it was a success!!! Hugs

Willow Brook Home said...

Your art looks fantastic! Great arrangement.



abbymaya said...

These look really lovely and are wonderful when together as a collection.

I'm originally from Eureka, KS and my parents have been back there for a few years and were visiting us in Dallas when the rains hit. They got it here and then had it a few more days when they were home. They said it was just a mess - not happy with the overly soggy garden.