Monday, November 10, 2008

Feeling JUST like a Kid Again!

As a child, I never had the occasion to participate in summer camp. But if I ever had, I would liken my experiences at ArtFiberFest to being part of a quaint childhood retreat that always provided the fondest of memories and recollections.

This event , now in its fourth year, is chocked full of opportunities to laugh, smile, and enjoy friends. Those who come are quite a tight knit group.

It is not to say that newcomers are not welcome... not at all... everyone is quickly embraced with equal love and acceptance, which is one thing I adore about community and being with like minds, like hearts.
My love for mixed media fiber adventures is always nourished when I have the chance to be at this gathering, where we speak a somewhat different language, using words such as fabric, thread, needle, felting, stitching, beading, dyeing.

It is an encounter that is rich with soft fibers and beautiful textures waiting to be touched and embraced, and artisans that preserve age old traditions of quilting, sewing, and intricate handwork, along with pushing the boundaries of these utilitarian processes, with their hints of cottage craftiness, into the elevated realms of art.

This year I had the opportunity to lead two incredible workshops. As always, the most amazing artists come to play, experiment, to be brave and wander outside their own repertorie of skills.

And, I have the chance to witness the most awe-inspiring beauty and creativity each person brings with them. What an incredible gift I am given each and everytime I teach, when I see the bright light of art-making in the eyes of another.

JUST LOOK! at what was made in only a day in both the Nature Inspired Fabrics, and the Ode To Nature Necklace classes.

Breathtaking! is all I can think to say.

However, no trip to my favorite city, Seattle, would be complete without a visit to the Public Market. It is always the first place I long to go after exiting the airport, so that I can soak up the energy and the atmosphere of the surroundings. It is such a natural high for the senses that I feel intoxicated by the moments spent there.

Bouquet after bouquet of flowers can not help but make the heaviest heart feel light. The bursts of color and fragrances can invigorate the most weary traveler.

As always, time moves at lightning speed when you are engulfed in activities that make your heart sing. I look forward to returning to this little retreat with all its magic, knowing I will continue to make more wonderful memories to write upon the page of my days.


Cindy (JunqueArt) said...

It truly is like being a kid again. Going into camp with excitement of making cool things, meeting new friends, and laughing until you can't laugh any more! I am so fortunate that I have been able to attend and take two of your wonderful classes!!! HUGS!

Diane Duda said...

I'm glad to hear that you are keeping busy and having so much fun!