Monday, November 24, 2008

The Perfect Gift

Swift the days come now, drawing us closer to the end of the another year. And, I find myself spending more and more time contemplating what the future will be like in the months ahead, and dreaming of the adventures I will experience in the coming year.

Wonderful opportunities to travel are more than just ways to fill idle time. They are gifts that I give myself as I walk the pathways of life. These are chances for me to renew and refresh my ideals and perspective, along with enveloping myself in friendship and art.

All too often, these beautiful experiences come and go in the blink of an eye without ever having time to deeply savor the minutes. But what if there was an occasion that included all the possibilities to make such a travel experience even more inspiring, and spiritual.

What a PERFECT Gift that would be!

There is a great joy about a week in Orvieto, Italy that creates a wonderful, spiritual journey because the place, the way of living, the experience itself induces contemplation, brings peace and quiet, reawakens the child within to the wonders of the world.

How does it happen?

Well, there is a magic that can't be explained, but just being in Orvieto for a week makes it happen.

There are elements that contribute to this magic, such as being in a foreign country raises the level of awareness. We are present, absorbing, experiencing all there is, instead of thinking or worrying about the past or future.

We are removed from home, its demands, e-mail, phone calls, distractions. This allows us to pay attention, to really live.

The cultural exploration and immersion provided is fun, different, eye opening and induces reflection and comparison to our own ways at home.

Taking a week long workshop provides a more concentrated involvement, resulting in deeper observations, which by its very nature is reflective.

During our trip, we will reside at a convent Bed&Breakfast that is serene, a place that induces thought, overlooking the countryside, and providing a sense of timelessness and history.

What a PERFECT gift to give yourself or a loved one this holiday season... the Gift of Time, Travel, and Rich Experiences, along with Unforgettable Memories

This INCREDIBLE experience is scheduled for mid May of 2009 with reservations required no later than late February 7, 2009. Find out all the details, here.

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Deirdra Doan said...

Hi Tracie,
It was fun to read what you wrote Lynn at the Group A&S. Now I understand why you have such pretty frames for you photo's on your blog....It's Graphic's...I wish I had taken more graphic's in Art School it really makes your art have a finished look to it...I love your birds and your beautiful works. I look forward to meeting you someday. I have seen your articles in magazines but have not had time to take your class at A&S.
Thanksgiving Blessings,

PS Please come to my Blog and see my post on my Christmas song for a little Christmas Cheer...or see it on youtube.

I hope it will bless your Christmas season..