Friday, December 19, 2008

A Full Heart's Bounty

It is hard to believe that Christmas is almost here. How quickly the days have passed. Although I have been enjoying the holidays with their usual hustle and bustle, I have felt more quiet and reserve over these last several weeks. There is this familiarity inside... this sense of gathering inward to embrace the stillness of the coming season. It is in these moments of repose, that words seem to escape me, or do not appear adequate to say all that my heart feels.

So, I continue to fumble with how to truly express all the emotions that come with Christmas... that come with seeing another year to its conclusion, and feeling blessed.

Winter has indeed arrived upon the Plains in all of its glory and magnificent splendor. Yet even in the very bitter cold and biting wind, I find myself drawn outside, trying to behold the wonders of a now blank canvas that whispers in hushed tones to those that will listen. There is much peace in the silence and serenity of these gifts from nature.

When I am not outside, I am lured like a moth to the flame, to gaze out a window.

I love the light that Winter casts inside my warm home. Through glass panes tinted with frost and delicate snowflake masterpieces, the radiant glow of a soft gray sky seems almost magical. It creates an atmosphere of tranquility that can not be found during any other time of the year.

"these are the joys life gives
keen the quiet moments prevailing,

to sing the song of days unfolded,
crowned by yet another year passing,

where do the precious hours go,
swift and fleeting to become what was,

we cast our eyes with great longing
hoping to know a full heart's bounty."


Lee W. said...

well said, my friend. It's actually been too warm here- wet and muddy and yucky. I wish it would get cold for the holidays.

Waterrose said...

I miss the looking out the window as winter announces itself. Feeling the cozy warmth of being indoors, touching the window and feeling the cold...

Leslie said...

Beautiful, sweet friend! And thank you so much for the beautiful card!