Monday, January 05, 2009

January Days

After two full weeks of traveling hither and yon, visiting
for Christmas then turning right around and having guests
come to celebrate the New Year with us, I am in the studio
today, settling back into a routine.

Enjoying family and friends has been incredible, and I have
tried to soak in every moment. But now with the holidays over,
I find myself anxious and ready to begin creating again.

January was never been one of my favorite months, I seem to
suffer from post holiday blues once all of the hubbub ends.
However, my opinion has changed over the years, regarding
these first days.

This first month tends to be much more quiet and serene
compared to the remaining months of the year. Which affords
me the opportunity to tuck myself, all cozy-like, in the
studio to paint, assemble, collage, or whatever my heart
desires, as the Winter winds blow and howl outside with
perhaps snow or ice coming down.

Although I will spend the next several days catching-up on
lingering to-dos, I look forward to painting a few more of
these artworks shown below. This particular piece is a
sample for a workshop I will be teaching in Britain.

Yes, I have to keep PINCHING MYSELF, that I will be
traveling to the United Kingdom to teach in August!

There is lots more to share, as 2009 starts to unfold. It
will be an exciting year, and I look forward to filling you
in on all the details.


rebeccasower said...

Such a beautiful piece of art. Your thoughts mirror mine on the month of January. sending love, Rebecca

purple bird art said...

this is beautiful Traci - is it watercolor or acrylic?

Denice said...

Your work is really lovely and your page is so well laid out!

It looks like you've got a busy year ahead, have a fun and creative one!

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

Hi Denice, I apologize for responding to your kind comment this way. Unfortunately, blogger does not always provide email addresses where I can contact you directly.

Thanks so much for visiting my site!

Tracie Lyn