Monday, February 09, 2009

Divine Rhetoric

I have felt for quite some time that particular events
occur in each and everyone's life that lead them on
a journey, perhaps even a pilgrimage... where in the
beginning we may be totally unaware of the significance
of the scenario playing out right before eyes.

For it is not until little pieces of a puzzle start to stack
up, one by one, that we finally become aware of
these happenings, and allow ourselves to believe, to
see the whole of what fate has in store.

It is in these moments that such epiphanies present a path,
and we must choose whether to walk that path, to take the
opportunity, to reach, and to grow in new directions.

One such journey began with an invitation from L.K. Ludwig,
back in November, to participate in a Day of Sharing Words
blog post by writing an ode to our favorite pieces of poetry.

I greatly admire and am utterly inspired by so many
poetic works. A poet's vivid, lyrical visions, carefully
laid out upon the page, have comforted my soul,
time and time again.

One of my very favorite poets is Ted Kooser.
Just like myself, he lives on the Plains of the Midwest,
and his words are influenced by his experiences in Nature.

Mr. Kooser has published over 8 poetry books, but
"Winter Morning Walks" is one I cherish.
In it, Mr. Kooser shares daily poems that he penned
upon postcards and mailed away to his friend
during a 100 day period.

Revisiting his idea of daily writings and sharing
those bits of insight with a friend via the post,
set my mind whirling, feeling that a similar task
might be an INCREDIBLE way to celebrate
the Winter season.

So, I decided to host my own Winter Poetry
Postcard Exchange by gathering a very small
group of artist friends to join me. We, too,
would write our own poetic offerings, filling
a daily card with beautiful words during the
Winter Solstice.

Never would have I suspected or even tried to
guess, what these daily injections of pure bliss,
both in the writing and receiving, would do for
my spirit. And as we are draw close to the half
way mark of our journey with words, I continue
to find myself going back over the cards received,
re-reading each one, soaking it all in as a whole...
especially when new postcards arrive.

And always waiting anxiously for more divine rhetoric
to be delivered.

Below are just a few of my own writings... to share
with you.

"December 22:
to thee...
I impart what lies beyond words,
such truths lead the heart upon a path
wrapped in silken splendor or winter's keeping,
and a road heavy laden with snow."

"January 1:
We both revere and fear firsts
often striving to be just that,
other times scared to take the chance.
Yet always hoping it will save us
from our past."

"January 12:
such melancholy sounds of morning
tearing us from slumber, as the moments
usher in the day with a pageantry of fiery
colors and brilliant trumpets."

"January 15th:
reality returns to blanket the ground
with its reminder that all is not lost,
all is not forgotten... I promised you
the stars, the moon,
and a world of white."


Janee said...

That is beautiful Tracy! I love the Jan.1st poem. So fitting for life and for a new year. Thank you.

Stephanie Lee said...

oh dear you...your words are so lovely! How I would love to sit on the bed surrounded by all 600...wouldn't that be heaven?!?!

I thank you for sharing this. For YOUR beautiful poetry and words. Thank you.

Seth said...

Your thoughts and words completely resonate with me. What a wonderful idea!

AMIT said...

Nice written.

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purple bird art said...

I love your words, Tracie - they paint pictures in the soul - thank you for sharing...