Saturday, September 19, 2009

Do You Feel It...

the beginnings of Fall?

Nature's subtle changes, like cool
evenings, and shorter days, color
shifts in foliage, and locust singing
rhythmic serenades at twilight.

I love the quiet, hushed moments when
I witness the sun casting rays of deep
yellow light through patches of blue-gray
rain clouds.

All of these happenings lure us ever
closer to the cusp of a new season, to
the edge of my most favorite time of
the year... Autumn!

Sweet Autumn invokes occasions for
the reflection of the months past and
the final few to come. It offers to us,
on bended knee, a chance to embrace
the glories of Nature's soon-to-be swan
song and perhaps, a somewhat slower
pace. Giving another reason to be glad
of life and thankful.

More than any other season, the Fall has
me longing to wander out-of-doors, especially
to gather remembrances of what will soon
fade away into Winter's keeping.

I often pull out a Gathering Journal and
a small pair of scissors that I tuck into a
journal pocket to carry along with me on
my walks. Carefully collecting treasures,
such as weeds and wildflowers, leaves
and field grasses that I find to bring

Treasures that once revisited indoors,
inspire me to paint, journal, create a
nature assemblage, maybe even make
a special card to send to a friend or even
frame by itself. I chose a particular size of
Gathering Journal for each outing, depending
on what I anticipate to find on my outside

I invite you to create your own
Gathering journal!
To help you
capture and hold-on to this fleeting,
always changing Fall.

It's a wonderful project that can be found
on pages 58-63 in my new book, Nature

For a chance to win a copy of Nature Inspired,
a limited edition print, and small original artwork
be sure to visit the Quarry Books Craftside Blog.

Leave a comment sharing your favorite natural thing!
They are accepting comment entries 'til Midnight,
Wednesday, September 23rd.

And once you have your newly constructed
journal, treat yourself to a nature walk. Even
if you live in the most urban setting, explore
your own backyard, neighborhood, or local
park to see what Autumn treasures you discover!


Wild Somerset Child said...

I love your idea of a Gathering journal and will be making one as soon as my copy of your new book arrives. I am always collecting from outdoors: leavesm shells, flowers, grasses, lichens, defunct mossy birds' nests, sticks, stones etc etc etc

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

We will probably have moved by this time next year, and the idea of taking snippet with me is a good one. The corn is turning gold, the days are growing cooler, and it's so still outside. I lvoe this time of year.

Jeannie said...

I want to thank you for your wonderful book. I received it yesterday for my birthday and I have had my nose in it all day. It is beyond fantastic! Thanks!