Thursday, October 08, 2009

Good Morning

It was an absolutely miserable day here...
cold and very gray, the most blustery
winds howling with sheets of rain coming
down. The perfect weather for someone,
like myself, that is in frantically trying to
sort, pack, and be ready to depart tomorrow,
once more into the wild blue yonder of

I am attending two retreats back to back. The
first is the International Quilt Festival in
Houston. This show promises to be action
packed with over 70,000 attendees. And I am
completely thrilled to be part of their teaching
faculty for a third year. My ten days are filled to
the brim with teaching, taking classes, attending
lectures, luncheons, and even a gala.

I will also have the honor of participating in a book signing
at the Quilting Books Unlimited Booth #1040
on Thursday from 5 to 7 pm,
as well as demonstrating
in the Quilting Arts/Cloth,Paper,Scissors booth
on Saturday at 5 pm.

Following this incredible week, I will be heading
out to Seattle to take part in the first ever Journalfest.
Here I will have the luxury of being a student again
which is something I have not had the opportunity
to experience in quite some time.

But before I head out the door, I thought it would be
fun to share some pictures taken from my recent trip
to the fairy tale Apifera Farm, home of the famous
artist Katherine Dunn and her wonderful little donkeys -
Luclia, Paco, and Pino.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Katherine last year,
and my first visit to her enchanting farm was something
I will never forget.

Katherine was a charming and delightful hostess. And
seeing her farm was awe-inspiring.

This year my visit was even better, with sunny weather
and Katherine, once again, being the perfect hostess.
It was incredible to reminisce, and catch-up with each
other lives, as well as visit her fabled little animals.


Cindy Woods O'Leary said...

Hey, so good to hear that you'll be at the quilt festival AND Journalfest. I'll be at both as well! I'll look for you next week--it'll be great to see you. It's been a long time! xo

Wild Somerset Child said...

Best of luck with your hectic two weeks, teaching and learning. (I am taking your Nature Inspired book away with me on a working holiday and hope to have time to 'play' - I will post results in my journaling blog when I have anything worth showing, but bought a quantity of muslin last week as a start as I had run our of current supplies).

Then I checked on Journalfest: oh my, how I wish I lived closer and could go; the website is a feast in itself. Ann from UK

dns_smart said...

Tracie your visit to the farm just looks heavenly. Those little donkeys are just too cute for words.
I hope your time at the Houston Quilt show is fantastic and that your Journalfest classes are great too.

Apifera Farm said...

I didn't know I was famous! I'll take any gratuities I can get! We loved having you, Merilyn and Jan, and look forward it next year too - with picnic.The pictures are lovely...xo

turquoise cro said...

AwwWWWWWW! I wish I could visit the donkeys and Katherine some day!!! Have FUN at all the fests!!!

paperbird said...

Love the pictures- looks like such a fun place to visit- the sign on the hen door is hilarious!

Take care busy girl!

Peg said...

Hi Tracie, snowing in NH as I write-on Oct 13! I was in Florida last week dealing with very ill mother, took an hour break off from hospital duty and hit a bookstore for a little relief. I saw your book on display and felt a lift of my spirit-brought back Shingle Blessedness and good times. Bought "Blogging for Bliss" by Tara Frey so I can learn to do cool framed photos like you! best, Peg

Holly Loves Art said...

Hello! It's been a while... you are a busy-busy girl! Fun events coming your way!

I LOVE all the photos you've shared here... especially the last one of you and four-legged friend. Gave me a little chill.

Lots of love,

Wanda H said...

Hi Tracie!! I'm leaving a comment here because I'm not sure my emails are getting through to you. I'm Wanda Hentges, the winner from the Craftside blog give-away. I wanted to be sure that you knew I had received the package and am totally thrilled. I've started reading the book... it is fantastic.. I will trying out your techniques. Thank you also for everything else that was included with the book!!! I'm especially thrilled to have an original piece of your art... I will treasure it always... it's beautiful!!! Thank you so much!!!!

penny patten said...

I love Donkeys! I want to visit the Donkeys hug area. Have fun on your retreats, sounds like you'll be busy-take lots of photo's!

Laura Haviland said...

Welcome Home,your book lots totally awesome. I love your blog too.
Hugs, Laura.
Enjoyed your visit to the farm very much.

Carla Sonheim said...

Oh, jealous here! I've been wanting to visit the lovely Apifera Farm for years!!! Love those signs!!! Katherine is amazing...