Friday, November 06, 2009

Autumn Reflections

Dapple rays of sun cascade through the dining
room windows during late afternoon. Such a subtle
invitation from nature to come outside and regale
all of the last bits and/or what-nots from another day.

It is a beautiful November upon the Plains with
stunning, glorious colors on parade. The trees
are now starting to look slightly thread bare,
but there are still wonders to behold, as the
branches of tree and bush reveal their hidden
treasures that have been tucked away safely
amidst a curtain of summer's keeping.

I am finally home for the remainder of the year and
glad to be living that almost hermit like existence
once again... traveling, doing, being is all wonderful,
but my heart was missing the comfort of this place,
this space.

My mind has, over the last week, been slowly, and
carefully reminiscing each of my recent experiences.
Plucking out those sweet moments of pure delight,
committing to memory the faces of happy students
as they discover they can really truly paint, revisiting
encounters with new and wonderful persons, hearing
the exchange of words from heart felt reunions with
old friends, and the continuous revelations of getting
to know and understanding myself better.

I have also been quite the writing fiend during
these first days at home. All spurred on by
attending the most delicious workshop called,
Unraveling Word.

But I digress, as I want to make a proper post
sharing all of the intimacies regarding Journalfest.
However, I must share one of my latest writings
with you...

'The earth and I walked hand-in-hand,
down a path of golden wheat, and rolling Plains,
humming the melody of a sparrow's song,
with Autumn's warmth caressing our dreams."

(Update 11/8: Artist and Author Stephanie Lee is
offering a month long, on-line journaling workshop
similar to her Journalfest - Unraveling Word class.
If you are interested in participating find out all
the details... here!)


Sheila said...

Thanks for the smile you put on my face today and I imagine you must be wearing as well. What an essence of delight and joy you've infused this with. SO appreciate the whif drifting west.

Toni said...

Flowing writing along with gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing.


Such a very beautiful post. Beautiful photographs and sentiments.

It is always a pleasure to visit you here.

Carolyn ♥

AnnaVallance said...

Have just discovered your blog after going through your book Nature Inspired and I just love ii.