Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hearts A Flutter

If someone were to ask me to describe
myself, the word, "Romantic", would
most definitely be somewhere at the
top of the list of adjectives.

In fact,"Romantic" may be a bit
of an understatement. "Hopeless
is probably more accurate.

Yes... it's true. I believe in story-book-
endings and happily-ever-afters. These
beliefs color my world, and jade my views.
Love constantly clouds my vision, and makes
me trust in the power it has to fill us with hope.

Perhaps that is why Valentine's Day is one
of my very favorite holidays, because it
gives us the opportunity to celebrate our
amorous feelings.

Some of my fondest memories of
Valentines are from grade school.
Remembering those special moments,
long ago always brings a smile to my
face, when I was elbow deep in red
and pink construction paper, scissors,
Elmer’s glue, decorating a white (or
brown) paper lunch sack with hearts,
dollies, X's and O's,

I adored giving and getting Valentine
cards, and could hardly wait until the
class party, so I could drop a heartfelt
sentiment into every sack that was
taped to the blackboard chalk tray.

Even today, my art reflects the same
sort of sentiments from the heart with
a palette of dreamy colors and beautiful
nature subjects.

So in honor of this special occasion,
I have designed a limited number of
lovely Valentine missives, or cards.

But Wait! These are not just any ol'
cards. These cards have delicate
artworks that look as if they might
fly off the page, Each one contains
a hand-painted butterfly and gold
heart carefully stitched to the front,
that appear as if they are floating
over a collage of vintage lace and
colorful silk fabric.

Such a PERFECT way to show
that special someone just how
much you love them, or maybe
it is a wonderful treat for yourself.

And as a bonus, if you are feeling
a little tongue tied, wondering
what to say on your card, when
you purchase a missive I will
be happy to write a poetic verse
just for you. Each piece of poetry
will be unique and one-of-kind.
Simply let me know with a
comment that you would like
me to add a verse to your card.

There are several missives in my shop,
and I will be adding more from
time to time through February 14th.

********** UPDATE 1/20 ***********

MANY THANKS to everyone interested
in purchasing a heartfelt sentiment! .

Be sure to browse the new selection
of Poetry Valentines as a perfect
heartfelt, treasure for someone special
or maybe as a present for yourself.


Happy Valentine's Day!


PiecesofD said...

These are wonderful! I have been kicking around the idea of making some valetine postcards. Coincidentally, the them was to be Hearts Aflutter and they were going to feature hearts and butterflies, along with vintage images. I'm not sure whether they will make it into my Etsy shop or not, but I'll be posting them on my blog.

Maija said...

Crap for me but that's so good for you honey!!

Lee @ The Way I See It said...

Tracey- they are lovely! Valentine's is right after my birthday, so I always get heart cakes! It used to bother me, but not any more! Not much new here. Go visit my blog- you can see pictures of our house. xoxo

Catherine said...

Such a beautiful mixture of fabrics/lace that enhance your lovely painting!