Friday, February 19, 2010

Taking Notes

I have a secret...

Since the first of the year I have
been stealing away moments to
work on a project that I have
imagined, ever since I first
discovered artist, Edith Holden.

If you remember my introduction
to Ms. Holden's art from this post
several years ago, our chance
meeting was an experience
that I would consider to be
quite serendipitous.

Finding this Edwardian Lady's
Country Diary was so inspiring
to me, that in 2008 I set off on
a journey, creating a series of
seasonal fiber, mixed-media

I loved adding page after page
in each accordion style book,
working with rich textures and
interesting ephemera.

However, after the project ended,
I still felt a very deep creative tug
to continue my exploration of nature,
and journaling based on Edith's
influence with some changes.

Mulling my thoughts over and
over throughout this last year,
I became more and more resolve
with wanting to hone my skills
by capturing all sorts of nature
subjects entirely through paint
and poetic writings, mingling
them on occasion with collage
landscapes or backgrounds to
reveal my interests in a wide
variety of flora and fauna, ranging
from garden to wildlife.

Then in November, when during one
of my usual treasure hunts in a favorite
antique store, I discovered this lovely
vintage ledger. I knew I had found the
perfect place to turn my thoughts into

I am so excited to share a few sneak
peeks of my first pages with you. And
can hardly wait to see what the future
brings, as I travel down a new path.


HollyM said...

What a treasure will make! I love your blue jay. I've always watched and photographed birds, but I'm just starting to draw them. I've always painted flowers; birds are difficult for me. so far I've done--very crudely-- a chicadee and a blue jay.

PiecesofD said...

This is going to be a wonderous journey for you... I look forward to seeing more...

Lee @ The Way I See It said...

Tracey, you do the most lovely work. How I wish I could paint. I should be keeping a journal too- maybe once I completely unpack. I have a cool ledger that's jsut been sitting since I bought it...

sue pieper said...

Tracie, I can't wait to see this ledger of yours, brimming with your talent-great idea!

Jane LaFazio said...

lovely! can't wait to see more. It's sooo exciting to be in the heart of a new project, isn't it?

Jane LaFazio said...

lovely! can't wait to see more. It's sooo exciting to be in the heart of a new project, isn't it?

*jean* said...

oo i would love to know what kind of paints you are using....this looks wonderful!! can't wait to see more!

Debbi said...


Apifera Farm said...

what a perfect project for you Tracie....I'll enjoy seeing it all done some day....and I bet in print for more to see.

Holly Loves Art said...

Oh Tracie, It's such a special project. Everything fell into place just perfectly. Thank you so much for sharing.

Also, your new little pug-a-licious dollies below are just the cutest. It's so much fun with two! I'll look forward to seeing more photos as they grow up.

Have a great weekend.

Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread said...

beautiful. not doubt your ledger will be as treasured in years to come much like Edith's lovely books are now. Hoping you are seeing early signs of spring. ~Kathy

marciglenn said...

Oh Tracy this is going to be so beautiful. I can't wait to see more pages.

Toni said...

Awesome inspiration. Love journeys and looking forward to viewing yours. It is going to be a wonderful journal.

ShabbyChicShaz said...

How fabulous, can't wait to see more of your filled ledger :)

paperbird said...

So beautiful Tracie- just amazing!

Jans Gourds said...

What a perfect ledger. The moment I saw it I wanted it. Hehehe. That is just perfect. I can't wait to see the final outcome.
I had a back door replaced this weekend and when they pulled the old door out it had old newpaper stuck in for insulation I guess. It was from 1949. My birth year but from July and I am from September. However they were getting ready to toss it out and I shouted NO!!! I am going to use it in some of my journals. There is a movie clipping for Colorado Territory with Virgina Mayo and Joel Macre.
I am concerned about how to preserve what I have found and how to go about flattening it so that it can be used. I would be grateful for any suggestion from you or your readers.

Diana Trout {} said...

Oh my. This is just beautiful, Tracie. I loved looking at the pictures and hearing about your process.

Leslie said...

What a find! I can't wait to see where you go with this. I love that book too. I also have a copy of Edith's Country Diary.



I do hope you publish this beautiful journal. I will be at the head of the queue to buy it! I love Edith Holden work also. I love that you have followed her writing style. Along with your beautiful art, it is sure to be a big hit and I hope you continue to enjoy your beautiful project