Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Field Notes: The Nature Of New York

Since the first of April, I have been traveling
hither and yon, crossing the country to
teach, as well as investigate opportunities
for licensing my art.

This last week, I returned home from a
trip to Manhattan, where I spent several
days attending the National Stationery
Show. It was exciting to share this
experience with my friend, Dawn Sokol.
We had the chance to check out what this
trade show is all about and make some
valuable contacts.

But no matter how busy one's schedule is,
I don't think you can visit such a glorious
place like New York City without spending
a little time exploring the landscape of this
bustling metropolis.

Even in this most urban setting, my city
adventures had me searching for, and
longing to find glimpses of Nature and
the last remnants of Spring....


Maija said...

Isn't DAwn from my neck of the woods??

Catherine said...

Beautiful scenes... and look, sweet birdies follow you wherever you go! :)

Kim said...

Hey beautiful lady! Gorgeous post!!! Please shoot me an e-mail....I've lost your e-mail and have something I want to offer you! :D

Jane LaFazio said...

great pics. I love New York.