Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mid-Summer's Muse

I have been quite busy in the studio
creating the most beautiful and endearing
treasures that I can hardly wait to share with
you, very soon.

This flurry of inspiration has also been
overflowing into my writing. During
these mid-summer days, the garden,
bursting forth with such fragrant blooms,
stirs my inner poet to regale these feelings
with words.

"The essence of nature lies
within its dignity and nobility,
serenading those who listen,
beguiling us to linger,
inspiring the heart with
awe and wonder."


Jane LaFazio said...

ah......I'm off to Utah, and hope to put the focus of nature in the workshops I'm teaching.

Debbi said...

See, now . . . You are one of the people in life who should be surrounded by nature's beauty . . . just look what it does for you, and by turns, for the rest of us . . . lovely . . . just lovely.

Dianne said...


Diana Trout {} said...

How lovely, Tracie. Time to smell the flowers! Am looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve.