Friday, July 02, 2010

Summer's Simple Pleasures

Every summer starting around the
time I was 8 years old until I entered
high school, my mother would spend
hours reading to my sister and I.

We would camp out under a shade tree
in the backyard on several old aluminum
style lawn chairs, as she regaled the entire
Little Women series by Louisa May Alcott.

I enjoyed listening to mom's soothing
voice, and daydreaming my way through
the adventures of Jo March and her family.

I often think of that childhood memory
at this time of year, and I still enjoy
finding a comfortable spot outdoors
during the early evening hours and

I thought I would share my current
reading list, along with a wonderful
recommended piece of music, and
invite you to experience the simple
summertime pleasure of wandering
outside with a good book.

- Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindberg:

This is a classic! I find myself drawn to
this book over and over again.

- Leaf Bird Days and Firefly Nights by Beverly Letchworth:

A year long nature journal filled to
the brim with charm.

- For the Birds, A Month to Month Guide for Attracting
Birds to Your Backyard by Anne Schmauss

Good book for Bird Lovers.

- Down to Earth Gardener: Let Mother Nature Guide
You to Success in Your Garden by Suzy Bale

Have only browsed this book so far,
but some good ideas for making the
most of your garden.

- Garden Bouquets and Beyond: Creating Wreaths, Garlands,
and More in Every Garden Season by Suzy Bale

The pictures in this book are PHENOMENAL!
Great advice, hints, tips for taking flowers
and foliage from your own landscape to
create a beautiful and unique arrangement.

- Gracious Living in a New World: Finding Joy in
Changing Times by Alexandra Stoddard

Another classic! Alexandra has a way of
coaxing the reader into slowing down and
truly appreciating every moment.

- Book of Leaves (Solo Piano Music) by Rachel Grimes:

So hauntingly beautiful, a must have for
any music lover!


Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread said...

I see a couple of my favorites on your list. I've been a fan of Alexandra Stoddard's for YEARS! Your post is a lovely reminder of taking time to be outside and enjoying a simple pleasure--reading. I hope the summer is good to you, Tracie, and you are finding plenty of time to daydream.

Jann said...

Thank you so much for sharing--I too, have fond memories of my mother reading to me and to my 2 sisters as we were growing up. I have loved books my whole life, and appreciate your recommendations! If you like fluffy, magical fiction to read on a summer afternoon, you might enjoy Sarah Addison Allen's books--she is a relatively new author, and you can get lost in her books. Oh, and I just LOVE "Gift from the Sea"--it's been a favorite of mine for many, many years. Have a lovely weekend! ~Jann

Jeannie said...

One of my favorite books is by Hannah Hinchman - A Trail Through Leaves. Inspiring and glorious illustrations. Have a wonderful 4th!