Monday, March 21, 2011

In The Shadows

Everyday I watch... standing in the background,
quietly gazing at the shadowy figures fluttering
against the glass of the front door.

Two small finches work so diligently, flying back
and forth, building a tiny abode that sits nestled
between the branches of a winter worn wreath.

Gathering dried grasses, stems, leaves and
sundry remnants from a long ago landscape,
they are nearly finished spinning a simple heap
of unwanted materials into fine silk and splendor.
Soon... very soon this nest of wonders will be full
of beautiful dreams.

Oh how I wish these pictures were clearer,
closer, more revealing. Although not perfect
the images are still heartwarming.
My little friends seem to be placing the
finishing touches on their artwork, just
as I have placed the finishing touches
on mine... a bird's egg sampler.


Me! said...

Oh, Tracie! How wonderful . . . still! Even if the glass has to be there! I really love your artpiece! It's just beautiful!
Happy Spring!

HollyM said...

I kind of like the frosty glass in between. It makes the pictures a little more ethereal, like we're getting a peak into a private world.

Jane LaFazio said...

lovely pics of your little friends.

Susan Allan said...

What a lovely story.
Your eggs are so lifelike, feel I could just pick one up!
Sue xx

MezzoKat said...

The picture of the little bird expresses so well the special joy one has when catching a glimpse of secret wild lives.

jojo said...

I didn't see where I could post comments on your Great TooT so I will post here. LOVE THE EGGS! Thanks so much!