Friday, March 04, 2011


With Spring just around the corner, I begin thinking about
attending one of my most favorite events, Artfest!

I lose count, but this will actually be my 12th or 13th year
of participating. Artfest was my first ever art retreat, and I
love reminiscing about the many years of being completely
wrapped up in the magic of it all, participating in fabulous
classes, rubbing shoulders with top notch instructors, meeting
new friends, drinking-in the absolutely breath-taking beauty
of place, reveling in each lovely experience. I don't think I
feel quite so alive and able to live wholly in the moment like
I do during Artfest.

Once again, I am so honored to be teaching, sharing my
knowledge and skills, passing along the love of nature to
those wonderful individuals that choose to spend their time
in one of my classes.

I am extremely excited about this year's workshops and want
to extend a personal invitation to be part of one or both, which
are Artfest exclusives. This is definitely the one and only
opportunity to learn these very unique techniques for creating
nature inspired, stunning works of art in 2011.

The Egg-ology Workshop is BRAND NEW! And, I can hardly
contain myself, as I simply giddy to share my techniques for
stenciling, stippling, and painting to create artworks inspired
by bird eggs and nests, along with secrets to forging perfect
representations of such delicate and intricate natural subjects,
imbued with both color and depth.

The Of Nested Visions Workshop, I am proud to say, is the
third time this sold-out class has been offered. An ode to
Nature's songbirds and their beautiful abodes, students will
build an enchanting assemblage first by weaving their own
nests using the same natural materials as birds. These delicate
nests will be the focal point of the entire piece.

And I am thrilled to be bringing some really REALLY
GORGEOUS natural ephemera straight from my garden for
students to use... take a peek!

Each workshop is limited to a small number of participants to
keep the classroom experience both personal and intimate.

There are very few spaces left in each workshop,
so don't wait... Sign-up today!


Susan Allan said...

I wish I lived anywhere is so tempting. I am in the UK, but you have inspired me. I found a bird's nest this winter, empty except for one abandoned egg. I will use it to try to make some art form it...this post is totally inspirational. Thank you
Sue xx

Susan Allan said...

Birmingham...not too far away. I am in Oxford.
I will put that one in my diary and will have something on the horizon to look forward to.
Thanks, see you there!
Sue xxx

Kathy said...

Oh, to take a class with you! More importantly, how wonderful it would be to catch up! I am so happy for you and the accomplishments of the last few months. What lucky participants your students will be.

Jane LaFazio said...

the classes look have such a beautiful style!

Sunny Carvalho said...

Hi, Tracie!! I so enjoyed your beautiful description of Artfest. I am so ready to go. I think last year was the first time I really relaxed (it was my 3rd time) and just flowed. The previous years I think I was trying so hard to make sure I did everything correctly (especially for my students) that I forgot to relax and have fun. I am soooooo excited for this year!! I can't wait to see you guys again! Thanks for coming to my blog!