Friday, July 22, 2011


The days here, upon the Plains, are so quiet with an
eerie stillness, not even the slightest whispers can be
heard outside, as the unbearable sweltering heat has
all creatures seeking shelter, trying desperately to
conserve every ounce of bodily energy. Even visits
to the bird feeders are so few, and I sorely miss my
winged friends. My hope is for this weather to break,
but alas, there is for now, no end in sight.

Several weeks before the Summer had unleashed this
seasonal fury, I was enjoying the comings and goings
of fledging birds gathering to feed alongside their parents.

These family moments were such a delight to watch
with mom and dad working to be good examples,
and babies not quite catching on. You could always
tell which were the little ones, as they would normally
sit on the porch railing near the feeder, fluttering their
wings about, calling for someone to come bring them
something to eat. Like all good parents, mom or dad
were always obliging.


Georgianne Holland said...

What a sweet series of photos...our birds are quiet too in this hot summer day. And I am staying inside in the air conditioning, that's for sure!

Beverley Baird said...

Love your photos of the birds. I am watching our second nest of robins this summer - they are now all beak! Great joy in atching them.
We've got the same oppresive heat - yesterday was the worst. Hopefully it will break soon for all of us!

Janet Ghio said...

Wonderful photos!!

Dianne said...

Lovely photos and post! And I adore the calendar... It will be asked for for Christmas this year!

Gifts of Creation said...

These are beautiful!I enjoyed seeing your blog!

Jane LaFazio said...

little sweeties.......

garden clippings said...

These are the sweetest photos!!!