Sunday, August 21, 2011

All this Excitement!

It has been a jam packed few weeks here in the studio.

First starting with the arrival of my NEW! 2012
Nature Inspired Birds Calendars by TF Publishing...
oh, be still my beating heart.

Next a flurry of packing, shipping, and celebrating
with friends via the web... keeping me all a flutter
with anticipation as my calendar treasures begin to
arrive at their destinations

Then the hot! Hot! HOT! Summer Giveaway!
I LOVED reading all the different responses
given for the favorite seasons question.

Fall and Spring were the clear winners with Summer
taking third place, followed by All Seasons, and Winter
was last. My favorite is Autumn followed by Winter.
Spring is my least favorite, and I like Summer when it
is not over the 95 degree mark.

Anyway, I was thrilled with how many of you participated
in my informal poll, so I decided not only to give a
Grand Prize, but also 3 Prints to spread the fun around.
So without further adieu, I am thrilled to announce
the Grand Prize winner is.... Susannasays!!
And the
Print winners are The White Bench, Mary of Miss
Dilettante's Playground, and SJMcDowell!

I have also been very excited by the recent visits
from several hummingbirds. It has been terribly
difficult to try and snap a picture of them. They are
so quick. I must have over 100 shots with
really only 7 or 8 usable images. If anyone has any tips
for getting a good photograph of these little
winged beauties, I would sure appreciate the

Finally, I am so humbled and grateful to say that so
many of you have already purchased copies of my
NEW! 2012 Nature Inspired Birds: Calendars. I have
less than 10 Wall Calendars left!

So there is still a chance to be included in my Original
Art Giveaway, when you purchase. Details on how
to order are located in the right side margin of the

Thank you ALL so much for visiting my blog, and I
invite you back to follow along on my artistic journey
through nature!


Sherry W. said...

Greetings Tracie! I absolutely love your hummingbird pics! I have gotten only one myself that I would consider even half as good as yours. I, too, would love to know the secret to snapping a superb pic...I think it must be to put it on Burst Mode and let the camera have at it!...Must try that soon, as they're humming around now.
Congrats on your it's sooo lovely!
Enjoy your blog...and tweets, too. :^)
Sherry (aka sambawoman)

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

Hi Tracie Lyn!
re: today's post . . . I can't give advice on hummingbird photos, but I have some pretty good photos on my kids' blog . . . taken by my neighbor. I think he has sent others that I haven't had time to post. :) Still. He has some interesting shots. Maybe they'll be interesting. :)

~Debbi Greenlee

Seth said...

Congratulations to the winners and to you Tracie Lyn for that beautiful calendar.

HollyM said...

I think your pictures are excellent. One thing I have is a suction cup feeder that sits in my kitchen window. If you approach slowly depending on the light you can often get quite close for pictures through the glass.
I have also sat motionless on my deck, camera propped in hand for what seemed like hours waiting for a photo.
Last year on our local news there was someone who had many feeders and was actually feeding the hummingbirds from their hand. I've fed the chickadees but have no idea how long that would take to accomplish.

Toni said...

Tracie, do you have a tri-pod? That would help. Plus what size lens are you using? I like to use a 300. Wishing I had a 500 but that will be for another lifetime. LOL For me if the lighting is right my shots are decent. I still have to learn about all the other stuff on my camera yet.

Mary said...

What a complete and utter delight to win one of your prints! Thank you so much! I'm in a daze. :) Do you have my email address?