Friday, August 05, 2011

Twelve Months Inspired

Dear Friends...
These last several days have filled me with deep
gratitude. It has meant more than you will ever
know to have so many of you, near and far,
celebrate with me this milestone in my artistic

The Day Planners sold out in less than 48 hours!
However, there are still Wall Calendars available,
but those to are selling quickly.
So, don't wait if
you will like to receive a Limited Edition Print
and be included in the Original Art Giveaway.

These first days of August have been filled with joyous
excitement, and the occasional outbursts of giddy, child-
like exuberance. Such raucous behavior that all began
with a delivery of boxes containing the evidence of a
dream realized.

Carefully packaged inside these surprise parcels were
copies of my NEW 2012 Nature Inspired Birds: Wall
Calendar and Daily Planner by TF Publishing!!!

Between the laughter and tears, I carefully browsed
the pages of both. Each format is completely breath-taking.

As my chest swells with pride, I tell you that I could not
be more proud, especially since all calendar pages are
printed on FSC certified paper with environmentally safe
inks, making them both beautiful and eco-friendly.

I just know you going to LOVE THEM!!!

To celebrate, I am offering a very small number of calendars and
planners with some added treasures tucked into every package.

I am currently taking orders for both. The planner starts in
September 2011 and includes a total of 16 months. Each week
has a "Notes", "To Do" and "Shopping List" spread, along with
additional pages for measurement conversions, addresses,
birthdays, events and more!

Details on how to purchase are located in the right side margin
of the blog.

Each calendar and planner will come with a very special
Limited Edition print. Daily Planners will be autographed,
but Wall Calendars will only be autographed by request,
as they come prepackaged in a protective plastic wrap.

And finally, as an additional Thank You for ordering, you
will be eligible to win an original artwork. But don't wait
to be including in this FABULOUS give-away, as
there are a very Very limited quantities available.


Lee said...

OMG!! So amazing!! Congratulations on your work!!

Jeannie said...

Congratulations!!!! Just think, you are going to be on the walls and desks of thousands of people! Amazing!

turquoise cro said...

CONGRATS!!! Everything LOOKs BeAUTY fULL!! HOPE everything went well and THANK YOU! for the sweet lil bunny! I LOVE him and the material is SPLENDID!! I can't wait to get back home soOOOOo I can LOOK at everything better! hehe xoXO,Cinda O

Rella said...

I could not be happier to read about this new adventure....How wonderful and it could not be happening to a lovelier person. Big, do I order a signed day planner here where it takes me to a different site? I want to make sure I do it right.

xox Rella

garden clippings said...

How wonderful!!! Congrats!

Jane LaFazio said...

wonderful!! that calendar looks gorgeous and the cover of the day planner divine. congrats Tracie!

Rebekah said...

They are beautiful Tracie! Congratulations!