Friday, September 30, 2011

To The Rescue!

On one corner of my studio worktable, I have,
a collection...well, really it has become an
, of neatly stacked vintage orphan
quilt blocks.

For those of you that don't sew, orphan quilt
blocks are fabric pieces that are left over from
a project, often one or two blocks that did not
make it into a quilting project for some reason.

I absolutely adore rescuing an orphan made of
beautiful time worn fabrics, arranged into a
particular quilt pattern with interesting details.

Here is a particular orphan that really did not
excite me at first glance...

but I have learned to look at both the front and
back sides of these blocks. And when I turned
this one over, my heart completely skipped
a beat.

Look at the very cool star in the center!

I so enjoy taking each block found and giving
it a second life by creating a unique work of
art with the orphan as my colorful background.

Such heartwarming little pieces created that
could be framed or stitched to even larger works.

I am excited to be sharing this love of vintage
and quilting in a new workshop at International
Quilt Houston - Orphan Quilt Block Surprise,
on Wednesday, November 2nd

If you are planning to attend this event, I invite
you to join me! Find out all the details... here


Anonymous said...

I love that star block, such demure colours. I have some nine-patch blocks my daughter made when we both were doing patchwork together about 30 years ago. I plan to add them to my paper/fabric 'Grandma's Garden Quilt Journey' when I get a moment to do so.

sjmcdowell said...

I also collect vintage quilt pieces. I found some that were perfect little heart quilts.

Love this idea of yours. The Daisies are so fresh looking!
I love to the whole look of it!

Enjoy your weekend!


Jeannie said...

Tracie, your orphaned quilt block transformed is wonderful!!! I love the little bird with the daisies on that block. The surprise star on the back of that block is fantastic! I didn't even notice the star in the first photo. Amazing! Thanks for always inspiring me.