Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Years ago, as a new home owner, I had many
a grand scheme and big dream of starting a
garden of my very own. A place filled with all
sorts of flowers growing wild, much like the
beautiful English gardens always shown in
magazines. I envisioned my hard labor being
richly compensated with a parade of continuous
blossoms ready for the picking at a moments

These were the ideals of a novice gardener. As
many of you read this and chuckle a little at
my grandiose plan, I am sure you sympathize
and probably understand all too well, some
similar feelings.

In those beginning months and years of my
garden, I carefully tended and toiled, waiting
patiently for new plants to become strong. I
won some battles with pesky diseases, weather
or wildlife, and others were lost.

Today, I am proud to say that I have a lovely
garden with areas still in the nurturing phase
and others... rewarding me with wonderful
blooms as both decoration and inspiration.


Janet Ghio said...

Beautiful roses!! I never had much luck with them. Now we live in a condo and I have to say that I miss all my lovely gardens-having flowers to pick for bouquets--but i don't miss all that back aching work!!

Jeannie said...

I have my favorites in the garden, peonies, pansies, etc. But the roses, for so little energy, they produce all summer long and into fall. There is something so exciting about picking the first blossom in the spring and a solemn ceremony as I pick the last one in the fall. Your homage to the roses are wonderful.

HollyM said...

Beautiful! i concentrated more on vegetable s this year which has its rewards but the flowers are so inspiring.