Friday, November 25, 2011


Since early summer when I added a tray style bird
feeder as an additional feeding option in my garden,
I have been sort-of, well....obsessed! for lack of a
better description, with attracting BlueJays.

A tray feeder is a good way of luring a number of
bird species to your yard. And although it has been
very successful in bringing a great many more birds
to visit, which has had me completely overjoyed,
there hasn't been a BlueJay in sight.

So... What to do?... What to do?

I decided to consult with my local store owner where
I purchase my bird food supplies, and have been
following his recommendations by having both shell
peanuts and no shell peanuts available.

FINALLY! my perseverance paid off.

As days with cold temperatures arrived, one lone BlueJay
started making a few visits. The first time I saw him I
honestly thought I was simply manifesting the image in
my own mind. But now on really chilly days, my BlueJay
has, again and again, made fleeting appearances at the

I can't adequately explain what a thrilling experience it
is to see him. He is so majestic and large. In fact, he is the
biggest BlueJay I have ever seen. Until recently, I was
never quick enough to snap a picture of him, but once
again, my patience was rewarded with capturing just a
few images to share.


HollyM said...

I too enjoy these birds at my feeders in the winter. I get so excited to see them. I love you r bluejay painting too!

Janet Ghio said...

The photo of the jay with the peanut is fabulous!!

Jeannie said...

Oh how wonderful!!! We don't have Blue Jays here. My parents are outside of Seattle and they get Stellar Jay's. Gorgeous photo of the Jay with peanut. What bird are you going to try to attract next?

Janelle said...

He is so pretty. I see a blue jay flying around my neighborhood sometimes. I don't have any feeders out so I never get to see them close up. I love blue jays they are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

purple bird art said...

While we don't have Eastern Blue Jays here in Portland, we do have Stellar's and Scrub Jays. I feed them whole and shelled peanuts and get more each year. Since I started feeding them, the Scrub Jays have started nesting in my neighbor's trees. I love to watch them land, pick up and drop three or four peanuts until they find the one they like best and then fly away with it. They are greedy and the squirrels defer to them.

Wanda H said...


Jane LaFazio said...

wow! he's gorgeous!!