Friday, November 04, 2011

Pansy LOVE!

My love affair with Pansies started many years ago,
back in art school. The artwork above is one of my
very first explorations marrying a watercolor painted
subject with a collage background.

On a recent trip to a favorite nursery, I was captivated
by their variety of beautiful flowers, so I returned the
next day to take pictures as a reference and to share.

"Those few autumn flowers,
How beautiful they are!
Than all that went before,
Than all the summer store,
How lovelier far!

And why? They are the last!
The last! the last! the last!
Oh! by that little word
How many thoughts are stirred
That whisper of the past!"

-Caroline B. Southey


Dianne said...

Pansies have such happy little faces! I love them too!

Jeannie said...

Pansies are my all time favorite flowers. Eons ago, I saw a photograph of a huge flower bed that was only planted in pansies. Swoon! Our area is not good for growing pansies (too hot, then cold and dry), but I still pot them up. Their faces always make me smile and I love their delicate scent. Wishing you a beautiful weekend, Tracie!