Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Happenings... Part 2

This week has been all about finishing projects, such
as wrapping presents, gathering the ingredients for
Christmas Day dinner, making holiday treats, and
printing holiday cards, along with preparing each
one for the post.

It has been a tradition for me to make the artwork
that adorns our holiday greeting for nearly 10 years
now. A task I enjoy since I love having any excuse to

Each year, I look toward my experiences with nature to
guide me in selecting a main subject for the work. And
this year with the addition of 4, sometimes 5, different
bird feeders located just outside my kitchen windows, I
had an abundance of subjects to inspire me.

However, it was not until two weeks ago that I made the
final decision on which subject to paint, when I spied the
happenings of two little Tufted Titmice on the tray feeder,
with one of them sweetly nudging a large shelled peanut
toward the second with its beak.

Such a loving act, and definitely a moment to remember.

So this holiday, a charming little Tufted Titmouse carries
our message of love and remembrance to family and friends
both far and near.


HollyM said...

They are so sweet. I don't think we get them up here.
I have 4 feeders and a heated birdbath on my deck. It's only about 8 by 10 feet.

Jeannie said...

What a wonderful story to go with your illustration - to help each other. Seems fitting for the season. Thanks Traci for always being an inspiration and bright spot in my day. Happy Holidays!

Jane LaFazio said...

sweet. xo

Kimber said...

What a beautiful image you created!

ruth said...

I love those little birds....and how perfect for the holiday season of sharing and helping....each other. I also love how you always stay true to your inspiration, nature. Happy Holidays to you and yours....ruth.