Monday, December 19, 2011

Tutorial: Budget Friendly Gifts of Nature

I enjoy giving a gift of nature at the holidays
but most floral arrangements can be a real
budget buster.

Here is a tutorial for creating a wallet friendly,
inspired by nature present that is sure to be a
wonderful surprise.

1. Start by making a visit to your local
hardware store. The garden center is
a great place to find very fragrant
seasonal plants.

* I found this rosemary topiary
for only $1.50

2. After selecting the plant, make
a visit to your local fabric store to
purchase some yardage of decorative
material. The amount of fabric needed
will be roughly three times the size of
the plant's pot.

* I am using burlap in this example
because of its rich texture and natural
rustic appearance.

3. Gather the decorative fabric around
the base of the plant making sure to
cover the entire pot.

4. Secure the gathered fabric with twine
or string. Tucking the excess fabric under
the twine to create a pleasing ruffled look
at the top of the pot.

5. Consider adding a coordinating ribbon
around the twine.

6. As a finishing touch add an extra bit of
sparkle with a glittery ornament.

Cut a star from heavy card stock.

7. Spread glue to one side of the card stock
star and sprinkle a coating of glitter while wet.

8. Once dry, tie the glittered star to the


Jeannie said...

That is my favorite gift to receive. There is nothing better than a gift of green in the depth of winter. I have amarylis potted up and growing to be distributed to neighbors and friends. Have a merry!

Anonymous said...

This is such a great idea!!! I grow a lot of herbs too so it's something I could easily add into my normal gardening routine and grow some gifts myself rather then buy the plants.

Jane LaFazio said...

so easy, yet so beautiful! thanks Tracie