Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Journaling The Garden Week 2

With a journal selected and pages prepped,
I am ready to begin recording my unique
garden experiences.

To jump-start my creativity, I made a list of
seasonal subjects to help narrow my focus.

Below is a list of prompts I brainstormed...

-weather: snow, ice, snowflakes, cold temperatures,

- foliage: leafless trees, bare branches, decaying leaves,
pinecones, evergreens, holly, winter berries, poinsettia,
papewhites, amaryllis

- wildlife: deer, seasonal birds (junos, red-bellied
woodpecker, bluejays, cardinals, house finches, starlings,
canadian geese, goldfinches, downy woodpecker,
tufted tit-mouse), possum

- colors: To help identify a winter color palette,
I made a trip to the hardware store to gather paint
swatches, seen in the image at the top.

I also found various texture swatches that were interesting
and could be another good background alternative.

These swatches were made with paint and coarse colored
bits of sand.

These texture swatches are created using a colored
venetian plaster applied in varying directions.

I also stopped by my local craft store to look for
stencils or other products, such as die-cut scrapbook
papers, that could be used as a stencil.

This is a Martha Stewart brand, felt ribbon cut in the
shape of snowflakes. PERFECT! to use for my first

After consulting the color swatches, I picked an
appropriate acrylic paint and use the Snowflake
felt ribbon to make a wintery background on the
first page spread.

Then to add that extra little sparkle, spritzed
the page with hairspray, as a glue alternative,
and while wet dusted iridescent glitter.

Now it looks like a Winter Wonderland!


HollyM said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I wish I had the time to follow along. I have the old books here but I really have too much on my plate right now.
I'm sure you'll give me some ideas to translate into fabric though. I love winter.

Janelle said...

Very pretty. I love the snowflake theme with the light blues and glitter. This illustrates best what I love about winter.

Me! said...

Wow, Tracie! Your Winter is definitely prettier than mine! Mine would be browns and grays . . . (dormant orchards)

Anonymous said...

Traci - that is beautiful and your step by step photos are perfect.

Carolyn Dube said...

The blues with the touch of sparkle are fantastic!!!

Mary T. Pratt Salmon said...

Oh so lovely! I think you are imagining a gorgeous winter!
If I took the time, I could find beauty in my poor yard.

Jeannie said...

Your winter wonderland is beautiful. In the desert the only relief from beige is a stray tumbleweed or sagebrush. That will change this weekend as the white stuff falls from the sky. It will pale in comparison to what you have created, and I don't have to shovel your pages! Wishing you a creative and fun day.

Nikki said...

The snow flakes are gorgeous for the backdrop...