Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Journaling The Garden Week 10

In search of Spring, a shadow that only
dotted the horizon is now a crisp
silhouette, ever approaching, flirting
with nature daily. March moments are
fickle with clouds, sun, wind, rain, and
gray all rolled into one.

I have yet to find the tiniest blossom
outdoors, but my garden inside has
miscellaneous pitchers and vases
filled with a favorite flower, tulips...
and more tulips!

So to jump-start my creativity into this
budding season, I made a list of subjects
to ponder as journal inspiration.

Below is a list of prompts I brainstormed...

-weather: sun, wind. rain, cloudy, gray

- foliage: seasonal flowers (tulips, daffodils,
crocus, hyacinths, azaleas, easter lilies, blue
bells, irises, lilacs, lily of the valley, snow drops),
shamrocks, crabapple tree blossoms, dogwood
blossoms, redbud tree blossoms, forsythia, new
grass, new leaves

- wildlife: rabbits, seasonal birds (robins,
goldfinches,house finches, starlings, tufted tit-
mouse), baby chicks, baby ducks, baby lamb,
bird's eggs, bird's nests

-holidays: St Patrick's Day, Easter, May Day

- colors: To help identify a spring color palette,
I made a trip to the hardware store to gather paint
swatches, seen in the image at the top.

- misc: garden tools, garden gloves, flower
basket and/or trug,

I also discovered new texture swatches that could
be good backgrounds.

And stopped by my local craft store scouting for
new products.

I found a felt ribbon, similar to the snowflakes
I used for a Winter background.

Then on my way to the registers, I spied a bottle
of Flower Sprinkles that I could not resist!

Once back in the studio, I immediately scattered
the Sprinkles across the page and spritz with water.

I LOVE! the subtle colors randomly left on
the surface. Will add more texture and color
to this effect, perhaps with additional candies
in pastel colors...Hmmm???


HollyM said...

Very pretty and unique dyeing! I never would have thought of that. We're starting to think of spring here too even though we're still buried under 4 feet of snow!

Tammy Gilley said...

Clever girl. Going after some sprinks right now! xo

Gretchen Portwood said...

I have this board on Pinterest called "amazing creativity." I was thinking of you when I named it.

*jean* said...

oo painting with candy!! i LOVE it!