Saturday, April 14, 2012

Journaling The Garden Week 15

This new journal entry was more of a challenge
than I have experienced with earlier pages. Not
unusual, as all artists have ups and downs during
the creative process.

When wrestling with a work, I have found that it
is best if I let it rest, not try and force a solution.

SO," let it rest" is exactly what I did for almost the
entire week... slowly, very slowly the work began
to come to fruition.

I started by using some favorite colors to paint
a background using a dry brush technique.

My painted background went through many
iterations. This was a picture of only my first

Ultimately, I felt the pages were to dark, so I
lightened them with coat of heavy white acrylic
paint and added texture with a piece of stenciled
tissue paper.

I love creating custom shipping tags from
vintage papers. I decided to make several
and used almost everyone of them in the
finished design.

I added small stitched details to the cut paper leaves
to draw the viewer into the artwork for a closer look.

Finding the right balance between all the elements on
the page was probably what took me the most time.
I especially like the burst of art that seems to radiate
from the center and the absence of visuals on the

I am very pleased with the finished pages!!!


Janet Ghio said...

So pretty. I love the stenciled paper in the background and the stitching on the leaves. Just lovely!

Carina said...

Nice! The use of stenciled tissue paper was an inspired choice.

HollyM said...

I struggle sometimes too with what to donext and have found. Like you that itis good to let it rest. I will think about while walking and swimming and eventually will find a solution as you did.
It is beautiful!

Toni said...

Love it! I'm inspired, thank you.

Tammy said...

oooooh! love this!! wonderful beautiful stuff!!love the layers you use!! too cool. {{hugs}} Tam. PS HAPPY HAPPIEST Birthday to you!!

Jane LaFazio said...

gorgeous!! really beautiful.