Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Journaling The Garden Week 17

This Spring has been abundant with Butterflies and Moths decorating the landscape.  True beauties floating along, that are quickly carried away by the sudden Kansas wind.

The city's Botanical Garden was crowded with winged visitors all vying for the blooms available.  I encountered one lone Monarch during my visit. Unfortunately, he was much to impatient to wait, as I fiddled with my camera to take his picture. Yet he remains vividly etching in my memory as one of the glorious moments from the day and will soon be a permanent part of my Journal.

I thought I would share my favorite Butterfly and Moth Reference books. They are the Kansas Butterflies & Moths Pocket Naturalist Guide and The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Butterflies.

I also like to purchase other Pocket Guides for Butterflies and Moths in areas where I travel, as a helpful reference and inspiration.


Susan Jonsson said...

I noticed these beautifuly butterflies were painted on fabric.
Care to share what you plan to do with them....In or out of your journal?....Lucky you to see them already. NW...we have a couple of months to wait for monarchs!


Jane LaFazio said...

Inspiring! I'm doing an art project with 32 fourth graders today with butterflies as our subject.