Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Wonder Of It All...Endings & Beginnings

So after several weeks of carefully watching,
patiently waiting, consulting with birding
friends, and desperately hoping the little
House Finch would return, I made the difficult
decision to remove the nest from the front
door wreath.

Such a gut-wrenching experience, I shed
so many tears during the ordeal that my
heart felt as if it would break into a
thousand pieces.

The eggs are breathtaking, honestly more
beautiful than any gemstone. However,
I would much rather have had these miracles
as part of the world, instead of in a state
of eternal repose.

A few days after, my husband spotted a
gift.... a mama Robin busy, busy building
a cozy abode in perfect view from our
dining room windows. The nest is woven
with more colorful yarn bits and even a
ribbon I had tied around a garden statue.

So with one ending comes another beginning!


Lee said...

I love that she stole a ribbon for her nest!! We have Robin's galore here, and I see them busily gathering nesting materials! The blackbirds too- saw one this morning with a beakful! We did knock down a nest from lat year, but it was on top of the (hot) outdoor lights, and we didn't think it was the safest.

On another note- our barn swallows are back- and they are such PESTS!! They do an amazing job of bug-eating, but they make a mess in the barn and they chatter non-stop. We had 4 pairs the first years, and three pairs last year! That's 6 birds plus 3-4 babies each clutch x 2 clutches = lots of birds and cr@p!!

Glenda Hoagland said...

I love this post. It surely puts life in perspective. The title of my ATC for the ArtFest swap was Endings bring new beginnings. You have such a marvelous spirit.

HollyM said...

It's just like our own cycle of life. We get robins building in our trees and sometimes we get to watch. We have hummingbirds too. I've often tried to find a nest but never did until this winter when I spied a tiny nest in the lilac bush. It's either that or a gold finch nest.

Jeannie said...

I know what you mean. It always breaks my heart to see abandoned nests or crows carrying off eggs with the parents in pursuit. The robin's nest is beautiful and such a gift - enjoy. (When the babes fledge, they will be on the ground for a while and the parents will feed them. I didn't know this and was trying to feed a baby with an eye dropper until my neighbor explained it to me. Mother Nature sure makes it hard for the little birdies to survive.)