Monday, June 25, 2012

Middle Moments

"for 'Tis not the start and stop of it that truly matters but each occurring middle moment to become the absolute curiosity of all things belonging to heaven And earth."


Another Monday, another week, the end of another month has arrived... so many small moments lost in the gathering of days. Summer is now weaving the middle of it's seasonal tapestry. The Plains alive with bright skies, mature wheat lapping against the shores of dry brittle ground, 100+ temperatures even in the moonlight, and all manner of life seeking solace from such extremes.


HollyM said...

Such poetry in your descriptions! Love the bluebells and the robin. You must have a good collection of paper ephemera. Itis all so beautiful together!

Jeannie said...

What a beautiful post of words and images. Our wild Camas is starting to bloom. I can't help but think of the women who gathered it's roots along the river and somehow dropped a few in my yard.