Friday, June 08, 2012

A Room With A View

For over a year, I have been excitedly thinking, dreaming, and talking about Italy in great anticipation of the Fall.  Now after many months of wistful ponderings, this summer I begin making my travel arrangements for this incredible trip!

The image above is a photo I snapped of my first Orvieto sunset from the window in my room.  I always get this "Pinch Me" feeling about seeing the quaint village again.  Honestly, mere words can not express the joy I feel knowing I will soon share such an inspiring place with those students coming along on this adventure.  Even having traveled to Italy before, I am ready to be back in this enchanting country to discover the new, different, or perhaps missed from my previous visit.

One difference between my last visit and this upcoming trip is the strength of the US Dollar against the Euro.  It is a GREAT time to travel to Europe, as the value of the dollar is going farther than before.  So, if you have ever considered experiencing Italy, now is the time to go, as it is very affordable.

I am also very grateful to our hosts, Bill and Kristin Steiner, for making such a beautiful experience so affordable.  Their careful planning and expertise guarantees their travelers definitely get their money's worth and more, with top-notch accommodations, and fascinating, fun-filled activities, such as making art in a bright, sun-filled studio, a walking tour of Orvieto, visiting a vineyard, learning about cheese, wine, and olive oil production, as well as sampling those products, cooking a real Italian meal with a world famous chef, shopping at the open market, touring Orvieto's magnificent cathedral, and seeing the ancient Etruscan ruins.

I am so honored to be invited to teach again in Orvieto in mid-September 2012. Going to Italy was a dream I never thought possible. And I invite you to share in this dream, as there is still time to join the group!

We are taking only a very, very small gathering, so as to create an intimate atmosphere that is both personal and rewarding.  And we truly want to make sure each and every person gets as much personal assistance and attention through every step. Also students that might be a little timid about flying overseas are welcome to travel with us from the States to Orvieto.

So make plans now, to ensure you will be part of this Incredible Adventure and be sure to check out the workshop details, as each student will be creating unique one-of-a-kind artworks worthy of framing.

Sign-up here - Huskamp Italian Workshop

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Paty said...

How I wish I could join you! Italy is my favorite country! Italian people are so warm and full of life. We spent two weeks there for our honeymoon so it has been almost 0 years since I've been there. Have a great trip and enjoy your students!