Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Odes To Fall

The endless moments of sweltering heat, day after day the Plains enduring such a ravaging condition.  I am use to, after many years, the inevitability of keeping shades constantly drawn in a state of semi-hibernation for weeks, as we enter the crescendo of Summer. But this year it has been immensely more difficult to accept the current status and try to patiently wait for it to change.

Although tucked away during the day in one of the coolest parts of the house, my studio, it is hard not to feel a great deal of sympathy for the plight of those creatures left to endure the outdoors.  It breaks my heart to see them struggling, so I continue to supply food and water, hoping it provides some small comfort.

Lately, I find my creative mind filled with wandering thoughts of Autumn's splendor, heralding not only a glorious parade of colors but also dreaming of a soothing balm of mild temperatures and rain on the Prairie.  And so, I will continue to paint my odes to Fall, as a sort-of prayer for this heat and drought to end soon.


Dianne said...

LOVE the colors in these paintings... Hope things cool down for you and your inspirations soon...

HollyM said...

Although we surely don't get it quite as hot ad your area, it has been hot and humid here this summer. I've also had my shades and curtains drawn most days. I go out for exercise early morning or evening.
I was born in the fall and I think it might be my favorite season.
I love the paintings! At least we have something to keep us busy and engaged.

Jane LaFazio said...

wow. stunning acorns....!