Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Holiday Tutorial: Brown Baggin' It!

Through the month of December, I am devoting this blog to all tutorial posts. Some will be new ideas and others are favorites I have shared previously.  The Christmas holiday is a wonderful time for being creative.  My hope is that these projects will inspire some seasonal festive fun!

During the year when I make a purchase from certain retailers, my items are wrapped in plain brown bags. I collect this type of packaging, as it is perfect for making  fabulous custom gift sacks for the Holidays!

Using a ruler and pencil, lightly draw stripes across the front of the bag.

Using Foil Leafing Adhesive, paint the stripes and allow them to dry until the glue is clear or tacky.
* I like Foil Leafing Adhesive because it dries quickly and is extra sticky.

 Carefully sprinkle glitter in the color of choice across the adhesive.

If doing varying stripes, apply the first glitter color, making sure to clean-up the excess before apply the second color, continuing this same application process until all adhesive is covered.

Happy Holidays!

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